30 September, 2017

Why Can’t Whites Have Their Own Countries Like Everyone Else?

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White people are a tiny minority in the world (about 13% now). Therefore, we have a right, yes, a right, to have some countries all to ourselves. Blacks and Browns and Asians have lots of countries all to themselves. So why can’t we? Why are Whites expected to allow millions of non-White immigrants into their countries?

  • 5 Responses to “Why Can’t Whites Have Their Own Countries Like Everyone Else?”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      When you consider that HALF of that 13% is self hating
      Liberal Whites it makes the situation and demand for
      Whites Only Homeland not only a RIGHT

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      Whites cant have a Homeland by themselves without
      A Jew run Central bank and millions of “oppressed
      minorities ” because then we would be the Happiest
      Safest most secure and technology advanced society
      With few problems .
      Cant have that!
      Not Big Jews plan for us which is GENOCIDE

      Epitath on the Headstone of The White Race.

      “Here lies Whitey– died of White Guilt “

    3. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      Whites are too kind-hearted.

      But this is what accounts for all our art and literature, our concern for nature and beauty, our respect for women and elderly, and possibly even medical advances.

      In addition, we feel guilt more than other races. The pagans did not feel guilt, in general; they felt shame. Guilt is done all alone; shame is a group experience.

      Guilt is what happens when the authorities put a person on automatic—-they don’t even have to lift a finger to make him do their will.

      However, internalizing ethics can be good. It depends on whom is in control.

      Our crafty enemies have known this for centuries. Our pagan ancestors knew it.
      But the residue of Christianity still puts forth the proposition that all men are the same, like us. Even more so than before, because that is all they have left.
      So we feel guilty about the self-induced plight of the over-reproducing Africans, like they are the same as us, except they don’t have the money we do for birth control, or are not as educated as us about the dangers of overpopulation.

      We still see all men as being like us on the inside—multicolored us.

      Common sense has always known this to be false. Science is getting itself back on that road of objective racial differences, after being bumped off it.

    4. fd Says:

      Aryan historians will scoff at such a disgraceful Age. That White people accepted the position of the inferior. Income tax slaves under central despotism. Surrender their children to the colored hordes. The brutal desire of the conquered “for bread and games”.

    5. Liz Roberts Says:

      Oh, how I yearn for a White homeland- being 60 yrs old, and female, I am tired of the mudpeople and their trashy life styles- you want to be a crack head? hey, fine by me, but keep your drugs and whores away from the White communities. we don’t need or want you. come on brothers and sisters, let’s put together a White homeland, and soon. Mud people terrorize, and rape our White race, before it’s too late!