13 October, 2017

Alex Linder (and Jan) on the Radio, re: Stefan Molyneux

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Here’s the nugget of this matter: you must declare yourself not only to be pro-White but also anti-Jew. Nothing else matters but those 2 closely-related things. That’s the whole kernel of the matter. Learn it and live it.

[Alex and Jan Audio].

  • 3 Responses to “Alex Linder (and Jan) on the Radio, re: Stefan Molyneux”

    1. L. Edwards Says:

      Yeah, I never liked this guy. He, like you mentioned, never named the jew and was always doing too many face palms, grimaces and eye rolls per minute. No one serious about the (((problem))) does that. Not much about this guy to keep anybody from VNN interested too long.

      Didn’t know he was a jew though. Also, is Merkle a jew? Her maiden name is Kasner. Sounds jewy.

    2. Sgt. Skull Says:

      It just like jewish shock jock Michael Savage. His mantra is “borders, language, culture” when culture should be replaced with race. But for Israhell it’s borders and racial purity. Savage has been on a tear lately about Harvey Weinstein and other Hymiewood jews but will not identify them as jews.

      I’ve noticed that Savage always stops short calling fellow jews out by name.

    3. Jan Lamprecht Says:

      Hi guys,
      My German friends say that Merkel is a Polish Jew. So I take that as the answer to her. I don’t know what her maiden name was. But Kasner, as you say does sound Jewy.

      Sgt Skull:
      I also have a dislike for the Jew Michael Savage. I had friends in the US who liked him and when I was a soft conservative I thought he was pretty cool. But these days I wash my hands of him like Horrowitz. A similar neocon Jew.

      I did listen to something short where Savage was talking recently. And he said “racist” and he indicated that “racist” is bad. Now that should say it all. He’s just trying to befuddle whites by using the term “culture” – he’s trying to get away from RACE. And as Alex points out RACE is EVERYTHING.

      The Jews I think are trying various tricks (e.g. Catalonia and Cape of Good Hope) to see if people will break away from countries – to test the waters. But these Jews are all total fakes. At the end of the day they will allow everything EXCEPT whites to have what whites really want – real freedom as opposed to fake Jewish “freedom” served up as a fake “democracy”.

      Jews just busy as always with their Jewish BS.