28 November, 2017

Thoughts on Jews, Obscenity, and the Legal System

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by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.


“In those areas of nineteenth century Poland where local nobles granted tax exemptions to Jewish communal institutions, Jews continued to sell liquor and run inns and taverns, in which they established gambling facilities to further squeeze the Poles. And in the sphere of obscenity, in 1913 a “filthy press” in Warsaw “belonging to a certain Zimmerman,” was confiscated by Polish police after it was discovered disseminating pornography throughout the Russian Empire — activities described by the newspaper Przeglad Katolicki as a “Jewish atrocity.””


  • 2 Responses to “Thoughts on Jews, Obscenity, and the Legal System”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      Jewz mostly still run the porn industry.

    2. Chandala Says:

      What seems to be missing from Joyce’s article is something very fundamental, the explicit statement that the Jews consider themselves to be God’s chosen people, and that all non-Jews are fit to be nothing more than slaves of the Jews, or that all non-Jews are slated for eventual genocide or extermination. I believe that the Jewish morality is explained very clearly in the Talmud. It should be stated explicitly that the Jews have one moral system for themselves, and a very different moral system for non-Jews, the Goyim. The moral system that the Jews promote for the Goyim is destructive, it’s meant to subjugate or destroy non-Jews. The moral system that the Jew promotes for the non-Jew is a kind of poison, like the poison gas used in warfare, it’s not meant for everyone, it’s only meant for the enemy. The Jews use moral-warfare the way armies use bio-warfare. An army first makes sure that it’s been vaccinated against the deadly germs before it unleashes them against an enemy who has no immunity. The Talmud, or the Jewish moral system they apply to themselves, inoculates themselves against the destructive power of the moral system that they promote for the Goyim.

      By the way, when Andrew Joyce says that “…Jews were widely understood by both Poles and Germans as having been intimately involved in the alcohol industry of Poland… ” he could have also recounted dozens more such stories from Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s “Two Hundred Years Together” where Solzhenitsyn explained at length how the Jews were involved in such morally corrupting activities in Russia for centuries.