18 February, 2018

Florida High School Students Plan to March On Washington in Order to Push for Gun Control

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Instead of marching against America’s Jewish TV culture [1], they will instead march against steel objects that can do no harm by themselves. America’s Jewish TV culture is the root of most of America’s problems (e.g., violence, drug abuse, bad behavior by children and juveniles).


[1] our Jewish TV culture tells us, for example, that we should not spank our kids when they misbehave. That same culture also saturates the entire country with violent TV programs that de-sensitize kids to violence and encourage bad behavior

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    1. Luke Says:

      The part jew Stefan Molyneux is obsessed with scolding White parents if he finds out they might be spanking their kids. This is sort of indulgent, spineless, cucky parenting – mostly by these nauseating Boomer parents – which has produced these absolutely disgusting, weak, effeminate, fragile, pants peeing SJW Millennial’s who we saw flocking to Bernie “Mr Free Shit” Sanders rallies in 2016, and respond to every poll they are given that they prefer jewish Communism over the Constitutional Republic form of limited, and tightly shackled Federal Government that our Founders created – that was intentionally geared towards guaranteeing tons of individual freedom and liberty.

      If we ever do have a second American Revolution, these Millennial slabs of worthless, Communism craving dog excrement are going to have to be euthanized.

    2. fd Says:

      The youth calling for gun control are throwing their liberties to the ground. They might need guns in the future to protect themselves.

      Kids the Boomers had are grand parents in this age. It’s the race mixing generations that came later that are raising kids.

      Hitting kids teaches them to hate. Attacking their physical anatomy and punishing their skin makes no sense. It’s an organ.

      I was spanked as a kid, but I didn’t develop Stockholm syndrome. When I became of age, I called out everybody that spanked me. You’d be surprised how chicken s**t child attackers are when they don’t have an overwhelming advantage. Big people hitting little people because they can.

      “The hammer stroke of faith which throws one man to the ground suddenly strikes steel in another.”

    3. fd Says:

      Typo: “The hammer stroke of “fate” which throws one man to the ground suddenly strikes steel in another.”

    4. Karl Says:

      YESSSSS !!

      It is the tv/movie culture of the past 80 years that has distorted our culture. Why Whites ever allowed (((them))) to take over such a critical institution I’ll never understand.

    5. The Red Skull Says:

      I agree. With the Post premise.
      These kids are duped well-meaning morons who are
      being emotionally used to push Big Jews Agenda of
      “Goy Control” ie; Gun Control.
      They cant Control the Goyim until they’ve been disarmed.
      They don’t understand that taking or trying to take Constitutional
      Rights away from Americans is not going to help but only divide
      the Cuntree further.
      Taking us closer to
      Not farther from a Civil war and or Revolution.
      One things certain. The Leftists will Vote away your gun rights
      When and where they can. If they dont get em this generation
      They will take em the next as Communism brainwashes them
      More and more in “school”.

    6. The Red Skull Says:

      Excuse Me !
      I would submit the Jews have Complete Control over Amerikwa
      Right Now .
      Thats what “They” want here. Hence the cry—-Disarm the Goyim!
      Ban the evil guns!!

    7. Lori Says:

      I believe the promotion of the disrespect for life and the diseased brainwashing that the populations are constantly being subjected with are highly responsible.

    8. jayhackworth Says:

      FD seems to be throwing horseshoes

    9. fd Says:

      Throwing horseshoes because I don’t believe hitting kids is an honorable way of life or throwing horseshoes because the Whigger / Wigger Generation makes up the biggest White race mixers in the history of North America. A weak generation that has the audacity to insult White people who came before them.

      Those who do nothing hate Boomers because they came home 100 a week in body bags from Vietnam — because they denounced the establishment as corrupt and intrusive — because they had no reputation as race mixers — because the first teenage Boomers fought race wars all over the South to keep their schools and establishments White.