3 March, 2018

Blacks Got Payback, and They Are Still Getting It, Therefore We Whites Owe Them Nothing

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Newbies, if you still feel guilty about slavery even after the O.J. verdict, Michael Brown, Black Lives Matter protests, etc., then keep reading.

We Whites hear all the time from the media about how rough the Black people have it in America. But they don’t have it rough. At all! White racism against Blacks hardly exists anymore, aside from the occasional comment by a drunk White guy. And Blacks not only get six different kinds of welfare now, but they get special treatment when it comes to getting hired or being admitted to college (this federal law is known as “Affirmative Action”). America is a paradise for Blacks. It’s Whites who have it rough: they must avoid certain neighborhoods in the cities, they must buy burglar alarms, dead-bolt locks and guard dogs because Blacks are violent, predatory thugs, and furthermore, Whites are over-taxed to fund the billions of dollars paid yearly to Black welfare recipients, and Whites are also over-taxed to fund America’s huge jail and prison system which is, of course, full of Blacks.

Did Whites abuse Blacks during the era of slavery? Probably. But Blacks have paid Whites back in spades (no pun intended) for any such abuse. On the other hand, Blacks today routinely murder, rob and rape Whites – it’s a daily occurrence. (By the way, White slave traders and owners, as a rule, did not kill or injure their Black slaves, since dead or injured slaves could not work).

The Blacks have already paid Whitey back 20-fold, at least, and they’re still getting payback, with no end in sight.

Newbies, we owe Blacks nothing today. Nothing. If Blacks aren’t happy here, then they should quit bitching and pack their bags and leave. I hear Africa has a nice climate.


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    1. jayhackworth Says:

      WE are the culture. Jews are the ones promoting hate.

    2. CZ Says:

      Another coal burner who thought it was so cute to fuck niggers.

    3. jayhackworth Says:

      “Thought” = because of her audience to jew media