11 March, 2018

Toxic Masculinity? Ha! It’s Toxic Femininity That We Should Be Worried About

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“Toxic masculinity”: that’s the latest popular propaganda phrase (but it was apparently not coined by feminists). But, regardless of who coined it, as it’s used today, “toxic masculinity” is bullshit for a couple of reasons. Today’s men are wimps and they have little testosterone to poison their minds with. They’re afraid of snakes, few of them hunt or fish, they drive tiny Japanese cars, they eat salads (because they’re watching their cholesterol intake) and they drink white wine, and they strictly obey their wives (in other words, they’re pussy-whipped girly-men: “Yes, honey!” “No, honey!” “Right away, honey!”). More importantly, and in this case, the fact that mass shootings are a recent phenomenon (beginning in August 1966 with the University of Texas, Austin, sniper shooting) suggests that “failing to properly vent male emotions” or “affirming masculinity” have nothing to do with causing mass shootings. There are other forces at work.

You want to talk about dangerous and destructive behavior vis-à-vis the sexes? Let’s talk about toxic femininity (I’m hijacking that term just for simplicity). That’s a whole different story, and it’s a huge and completely ignored story. Women have “become men” in so many ways, to the point of ridiculousness and dangerousness. Women have literally conquered every part of American life: police departments, fire departments, the big corporations, the military. They have even conquered the rough-and-tough U.S. Marine Corps. And women now control the majority of American households. Who wears the pants? They do! Is that normal? Nope!

Toxic femininity is poisonous. It short-circuits women’s brains and causes them to act unnaturally, causes them to act more like men; it came from feminism and to a much lesser extent from modern technology. In fact, the entire Western world has been feminized to the point of saturation. Why isn’t anyone worried about that? (Fact: women didn’t create the West. Men did. Women are usurpers, in other words, backseaters who hopped into the front seat circa 1972).


  • 7 Responses to “Toxic Masculinity? Ha! It’s Toxic Femininity That We Should Be Worried About”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      I drive a Nissan Frontier truck and eat salads. I drink red wine.

      And,yes, women trust me to airbrush their naked bodies at certain festivals.

      I have no sexual desires for them. Zero.

      What is wrong with that?

    2. fd Says:

      The article reads like a scribbled page. The author uses masculinity to promote propaganda. Talking stupid. What’s he going to say when a 24 carat female walks into her school and shoots the place up?

      Male virility at high schools and colleges is currently way low.

    3. steve Says:

      U-Haul running out of trucks as people flee San Francisco. This is what happens when you apply insane Jew policies.


    4. Thom McQueen Says:

      The day is coming when every male will be served a subpenis for the crime of being born male.

    5. archer Says:

      I don’t drink white wine.

    6. fd Says:

      Speaking of wine — I’d like to visit the wine cellar at the White House and then go straight to the kitchen. Food and drink ! ! The rest of the place would give me the creeps. Aint nothing more cold-blooded than a federal building. I’d sooner sleep in a haunted house with 13 ghosts.

    7. Antagonistes Says:

      I have heard that the White House still smells like wee-wee. Especially the carpets.

      George W. Bush would go on all-night binges, the story goes, and could not find his way to the men’s room .