7 April, 2018

Coming Soon: Weird Genetic Cloning

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How long will it be before freakishly large dogs, and humans, walk among us? Probably not long. In fact, there may be genetic freaks being bred in secret laboratories right now (possibly in an effort to build an army of tall, muscular super-men) [1].


[1] newbies: speaking of genetic freaks, Jews get a wide array of genetic diseases because they are heavily inbred — yet Jewish Hollywood loves to make jokes about “inbred rednecks in Alabama”

  • 4 Responses to “Coming Soon: Weird Genetic Cloning”

    1. fd Says:

      F**k around f**k around miss the train. If White people don’t get it right, a space rock will come on down and reset the evolutionary clock. There is no colder heart than nature when its guests have over stayed their welcome. The animus mundi (mind of the universe) is in readiness for improvement.

      Jew sitcom’s insult the South in dialogue all the time. Jews are uglier than a can of worms for the most part. We will match our southern beauties and music against all challengers.

    2. Joe Says:

      “Super Dogs”…

      Ha. I’ll bet they’ll be the Master German Shepherd Nazi breed. (I hope they include the little black square patch of fur just under the snout.)

    3. Jürgen Says:

      Time for me to release the huge ÜBERMENSCH I have
      created and fed in my basement. He’ll grab the hapless
      jew and shake the shekels out of him.

    4. Pierre Says:

      There are limits to the size of dogs. All kinds of anatomical diseases and anomalies develop because of weight. The ideal dog size is 30 lbs. Over this weight, the original design is no longer suitable to support the extra weight. Large breeds of dogs like the German Shepard, Great Danes etc. are plagued with articular problems such as hip dysplasia, discal hernias, and osteochondrosis. Longevity is inversely proportional to the size of the animal. It’s the same thing in humans. Large men like wrestler, le Géant de Picardie (71/2 feet), had all kinds of myoarthroskeletal problems. He died relatively young as expected. Large breeds would have to be supported by an exoskeleton. But it would defeat the purpose. So this thing about cloning giant breeds belongs to the field of fantasy. About this topic, see Dr Michael Fox’s book Inhumane society. The American Way of Exploiting Animals and Dr Charles Danten’s Slaves of Our Affection. The Myth of the Happy Pet.