21 April, 2018

There’s Always a Jew in the Political Woodpile

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She was a White woman named “Howard”? No, she was a Jewess named Guggenheim who convinced the U.S. government to “go easy” on Soviet agent Fidel Castro.

“Over the next few hours, they talked about everything from Marxist theory to the treatment of Cuba’s political prisoners.”

That’s funny — what on Earth is “Marxist theory”? Since Marxism is horseshit, “Marxist theory” is “horseshit theory” [1]. How does one discuss such “theory”? In a stable or a barnyard? At the track, maybe? Anyway, it doesn’t surprise me that this Jewess committed suicide at a relatively young age. Jews aren’t happy people, even when they have lots of money and power.


[1] according to the Jew, Karl Marx, communism doesn’t come into being until “the state withers away.” First socialism, then communism. But states don’t wither away, they just change hands or change form. Socialism, according to the Marxists, is pre-communism (i.e., it’s transforming into communism, given enough time)

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    1. The Red Skull Says:

      The first Barbara Walters before before there was a Babwa.
      She wasnt a bad looking Jewess who changed her name.
      The US Govt should lve invested in the power of her pussy over
      Fidel to further better diplomacy.
      She didnt miss the opportunity to further her career tho i notice.
      Yes i read the link.
      Like or Hate the Man —– Fidel Castro set an example of how to hold on to power
      With a looming Bully 90 miles away and a multi decade blockade.

      The Real breakthrough came however when Satan sent one of his favorite bound
      And signed living cadavers down to play a tune or two in Havana.
      Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones!