21 May, 2018

Liberal Seattle: the New Soviet Union

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“The Fair Chance Housing Ordinance, on the other hand, forbids landlords from checking criminal background or considering prior criminal convictions when selecting tenants.”

Want to rent a room to a Black murderer? In the Soviet Union, you had no private-property rights. You don’t have any in Seattle, either. “Swastika tattoos” aside, this article gives a good insight into the leftist (totalitarian) mindset. Leftists want the government to make everyone “equal”, your freedoms be damned. Look for more cities to adopt such laws.


  • One Response to “Liberal Seattle: the New Soviet Union”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      No, I would not rent to a person with “swastika tattoos.” Probably not even to someone with confederate flag tattoos. They do not mean what they once did, and are now attracting the wrong sort of people.

      Nor would I rent to someone with communist tattoos.

      Tattoos indicate low self-esteem, which means that they are probably not responsible enough to pay their rent.

      But Seattle says that I have to. Too bad, I am creative, and I would figure out a way to bypass it.

      I have several rental properties, some owned jointly with my friend who posts on here, the Aussie Thom McQueen.