11 May, 2018

Philosophy: Some Thoughts on Karl Marx and the White Bourgeoisie as the Enemy of White Nationalists

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A VNN Forum poster wrote: “If the bourgeois was Marx’s enemy, the bourgeois is equally the enemy of the White Nationalist.”

I understand that idea, but, I more or less reject that idea. Hitler got plenty of support from businessmen who were afraid of the Reds, who of course wanted to communize Germany. And Mussolini got support from, for example, the sugar-refinery capitalists who also opposed the Reds [1]. Karl Marx was a world-class divider: pitting one group of White people (the “proletariat”) against another (the “bourgeoisie”). I think that type of thinking is just playing into Marx’s hands, so to speak. Not that class divisions don’t exist — they certainly do (look at 19th-century England as a great example of class divisions: rich vs. poor). Readers? What do you think?


[1] “The local Ferrarese fascio (fascist group)…received its financial support from the large landlords and allied industries, like sugar refining.”
— from the book “Italian Fascism: Its Origins and Development” (Nebraska; University of Nebraska Press, 1982, 1989) by Alexander De Grand, page 31

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    1. fd Says:

      What’s with the obsession of communism? No man worth his salt is afraid of it.

      Roosevelt: . . . our gallant Soviet allies. The Federal army did more to destroy Germany than those other people. Federal occupation of Germany is in full service and they AINT leaving.

      Off Topic

      All this excessive conversation on Left, Right / Liberal. Conservative could be the ruination of popular racism in North America. It’s a little too gay for me. The guy on the left wants to increase social spending, and the guy on the right wants to add billions of dollars to reckless military adventures. Who’s the biggest idiot? Spin the wheel !

      Currently there is no novelty in American racism It’s inert. No spirit. The ol’ nonconformist was creative. The 1950s all American black jacket hood wore a ducktail haircut, armed with a switch-blade. It was a look more than anything. He didn’t march the lockstep. Revilo Oliver wrote with an attitude. My favorite. If you want to read backward, cardboard essays, go to the NA website.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      That Fonzee guy on “Happy Days” was a creative non-confromists?

      Au conntraire, he was a cardboard cutout! They all were—said the same things, had the same look, played the bongos, spouted “poetic” nonsense.

    3. Socrates Says:

      “What’s with the obsession of communism? No man worth his salt is afraid of it.”

      fd, I beg to differ. Communism is the only “totalitarian” ideology remaining. Fascism died years ago. Of course, plutocracy and supercapitalism will replace both.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      ALL movements run the risk of getting tamed by the bourgeois.

      Look what they did to the Doors: Enticed Jim Morrison to pose for glamour shots, used “Light My Fire” in a car-commercial, got them to go with a full-orchestra sound (for a while), came out with a Jim Morrison doll.

      Once they start, they do not stop, until you are tamed. Upset them, and they want to make you lovable and cute.

    5. Antagonistes Says:

      In other words, the businesses glommed onto Fascism in the hope of taming it, of making a profit off it. Not that they agreed with it.

    6. fd Says:

      Y’all are pickin’ on me :)

      Hold your horses if you got any. The classic American hood and beatniks have gone the way of the dinosaur which explains why they were not the status quo. Beatniks uncovered a lot of creepy Jewish writings. And Of course a like minded subculture will act the same.

      Mr. H. called it Jewish Democratic Capitalism

      Super Capitalism is a fraud in America. It’s everything it pretends not to be. It’s covered with government law, heavy taxes, heavy interest rates, heavy date. Who wants it?

    7. fd Says:

      Good point about the DOORS and Morrison. Capitalism taps into everything.

      Different stereotypes are part of a healthy society.. Bring up the beatniks, ducktail hoods and hippies. If you’re a rodeo hood or cosmic cowboy down in Texas — bring up the rough string.

      1959. Get a load of these Beatnik Beauties


    8. Antagonistes Says:

      Is that some kind of beauty contest? Their faces and their body language say that they do not like it one bit. Especially that one on the left. They are attractive but they are not crazy about what is going on.

    9. fd Says:

      Beauties and a beauty contest are not the same.

      So they have an attitude. They’re good looking. The background girl is happy.

      I’m just trying to add spirit to the mix. Generally speaking White racism is filled with insults and criticism. It’s flat. Racial academia types write plastic essays filled with disinformation, especially on events in the 1960s. Golden Boy Davis Sims over at the NA wrote a phony text on hippie culture. I knew at once he wasn’t of age during that time. A paraphrase of lies. That Boomer teenagers are the last generation to fight a race war in North America means nothing to modern day racists.

      Put down White subcultures / nonconformist that have the courage of their conviction.

    10. Antagonistes Says:

      elle a des yeux de noisette

    11. Antagonistes Says:

      The folks at NA are much livelier than the stuffed shirts at American Renaissance.

      Let us hope that the coming “American Renaissance” is not directed by these financial-analyst types.

      It will be boring beyond belief.

    12. fd Says:

      Racism on the national level is covered with prejudice and passion. Different stocks of White population come from different feuds in religion and politics. Sectional animosity. Dissension rises to the surface. I realize now why 1960s racism in the South was in sync 100%. Everybody was from the same culture. As a teenager in the second half of the ’60s, I recall how natural congeniality was.

      The boys in Mississippi shot to death 3 Freedom Riders from the Northeast: 2 Jews and a Negro. It was a lot more violent than people think.

    13. Antagonistes Says:

      That may very well be true, fd, but I don’t think that the National Alliance had anything to do with it.

    14. fd Says:

      I’m not against the NA. I realize that it operates with integrity as best it may.

      I just wanted to say there is no congeniality of racism on the national level.