24 July, 2018

The Cause of Civil War II: Why America Cannot Peacefully Break Apart Like the Soviet Union Did

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“So, in this coast-to-coast milieu of perversion, of Black and Brown crime on Whitey, and of ever-increasing ululating Muslim enclaves just down the street, can we envision a somewhat peaceful breaking apart as did the USSR in 1991, or as in the Velvet Divorce of Slovakia and the Czech Republic in 1993, or as did Sweden and Norway a century ago?…No, we cannot…There is a difference, you see…That difference is the same circumstance that prevailed in the U.S. 1861. That circumstance is the oxygen-sucking presence of unrelenting, swarming Third-World peoples living among us who are totally dependent on White people for their sustenance. That is what caused the first American Civil War. That will be what causes the second.”

Indeed. Suddenly, many millions of Brown people in America have no way to feed themselves. What will happen? Crime and violence will happen, on a scale never before seen in history. There won’t be enough police and Army troops to deal with the violence. And by then, White man, you’ll have already been disarmed by the leftist/Jewish politicians. There’s something to ponder.


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    1. fd Says:

      Another hyper-aggressive, rambling essay. Opinion piece.

      The North and South are opposite civilizations. From the 1600s forward, there has been no congeniality between exile puritans on the cold ground of New England and White people who chose the bright climate of the South. The Federal union is a forced alliance. Lincoln’s mantra “save the union” is a euphemism for ‘save the Federal government’. His conversation to transfer Negroes off the continent was lip service. The magnificent, ultra modern Negro armies unleashed on North American (compliments of the Black Republicans) to kill White people received medals like door prizes. 23 Negroes received the medal of honor. No medal department in the South.

      White people in the North and South have only themselves to blame.

      upbeat and funny:


    2. J├╝rgen Says:


      Interesting post you have, and a good article at that link.

    3. fd Says:

      Of all magazines, The New Yorker released a non-aggressive, interesting read on this subject:


    4. fd Says:

      I skimmed over the New Yorker text again. Not as good or accurate as I thought.

      Peace democrats in the North called Yankee workers ‘slaves without masters’. They were treated terrible. Often times their lunch break was reduced to crusts of bread. The working conditions may have paved the way for unions.

    5. Mr. Frosty Says:

      Why would poor people fight a war to protect rich people’s cheap labor? At least the Yankees were swindled. Southerners are just dumb.

      Plantation owner: Fight and die so I can keep my free labor and never have to pay a working class Southern White man a single dime.

      Poor White Southerners: OK!

    6. fd Says:

      Why did Yankees invade the South to fight and die so the elite in the North could maintain a forced alliance?

      Most all the White workers in the South were self-employed farmers. They lived better than the “slaves without masters” in the North: OK.

      Julia Ward Howe said Yankee invaders died for Negroes. She wrote in the Battle Hymn of the Republic: “let us die* to make men free”

      Big cities in the North had 9 year old kids selling newspapers in freezing weather. Others had to crawl on top machinery to operate the levers.

    7. fd Says:

      Because of my sometimes bad reputation on this website, I’ll leave this thread alone. I’m fully aware there are good people in the North. I was defending the miserable workers in the 19th century North that were poor as a church mouse.

      The self-employed farmers in the South were happy. Plantations had no affect the price of their crops. Plantations kept the ports busy.

    8. Pierre Says:

      Is this the fd website? If it isn’t, why is this guy hogging the comment section? It gets boring to have one guy impose his views. Hey fd, if you need to dribble something so bad, why don’t you get yourself your own blog.

    9. John Says:

      I look forward to CIVIL WAR II. That is the only way to eliminate the SUB-HUMAN DEMOTURDS and LIBTURDS.