14 August, 2018


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“In a world bent on unity through totality, it is necessary for the New Man to tempt or force Traditional Man to loosen his roots. For like a tree, a man divested of his roots falls the easier, or having lost support, will grab at whatever is offered in the way of alternatives.”

— Brian Bradshaw, article “Communist Infiltration of Western Culture”

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    1. Luke Says:

      It should be pointed out that both the hardcore Communist Democrat left and their willing accomplices in the Bush-RINO-globalist-neocon-cuckservative fake right are 100 percent on board with this agenda.

      But, if you tune into Mr. Oxycotin’s radio show from South Florida, this clueless nitwit will not go more than a day or two without finding time on his show to heap praise and sickening idol worship on the Bush Crime Family and assure his ditto head audience of extremely clueless morons that the Bushes are ‘good people’.

      Yea, sure thing, Rushbo. A family of lying, 9-11 complicit, war mongering, war profiteering, globalist, open borders loving, American job and industry outsourcing and off-shoring, slimy cockroaches who, on one hand wanted to turn America into Mexico El Norte and on the other hand, starting wars all over the Middle East so as to stampede millions of savage third world Muslims and African hordes up into Europe and threaten the very survival of every historic White European nation – if that is your definition of what you consider to be ‘good people’ then that reveals all anyone needs to know about your pathetic fat ass.

    2. fd Says:

      George dubya promoted international torture as a work of honor.

      Weapons of Mass Deception

      In Louis Beam’s open letter to George dubya, he wrote: “Mr. Bush, you will find those “weapons of mass destruction” in Viet Nam. The United States Government left thirty billion dollars worth of military equipment there for the communists when we pulled out. Are you going to bring any of that home with you? If so, I hid a fifty caliber machine gun there in the 25th Aviation Battalions arms room on the air strip at Cu Chi. When I was acting arms room sergeant for a short time, I traded a LRRP team member (long range reconnaissance patrol) one brand new M60 for it. It is underneath the arms counter wrapped in cosmoline in a water tight box. I bet the commies never found it. I would like to have it back. Sometimes I have dreams about the lying politicians who sent us there.”


    3. Antagonistes Says:

      Bush is now trying to pass himself off as an artist—sensitive, perceptive, visionary.

    4. Thom McQueen Says:

      That sombitch couldn’t airbrush Omarossa’s ass with stencils!

    5. Antagonistes Says:

      Thom, he can finger-paint Omarossa’s ass for all eternity, since his hands are filled with innocent American blood.

    6. fd Says:

      After Washington city, Dallas was the only choice George dubya had in Texas. A city of wealthy, stuffy, conservatives that would welcome him as a new member.

      Dallas is Champagne; Houston is Bourbon and Branch Water.