29 November, 2018

A Different Look at Dr. Jordan Peterson

Posted by Socrates in California, Cuba, global citizenship/world citizenship, global government, global vs. local/regional, green Marxism, intellectuals, Jordan Peterson, Socrates, UN, UNESCO at 4:06 pm | Permanent Link

Peterson needs to re-examine his ideas. He may be right on some things, but he takes the predictable “Ph.D./intellectual” path on some issues, e.g., globalism and green Marxism [1]. As I noted elsewhere, green Marxism will spread into human activity at many points, making it…well, just like regular Marxism but with the word “green” attached to it. Not good. [Video].

[1] this isn’t a slap at education per se, it just means that too many intellectuals embrace wacky things that go against White Western culture; it seems that there really is such a thing as “thinking too much” or maybe “having too many ideas.” Don’t have too much to think! Look what happened to California and Cuba

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  7. One Response to “A Different Look at Dr. Jordan Peterson”

    1. Luke Says:

      All anyone in the pro-White European survival movement needs to know about Jordan Peterson – is that this slimy slab of nauseating, race treasonous dog shit loves to boast about how many young white men he has turned away from joining the Alt-Right or remaining a part of the Alt-Right.

      At the present time, there is one and only one ideological movement that openly and un-apologetically seeks to secure a future for White men, women and children. That movement is the Alt-Right.

      Now, I have my own criticisms and concerns about some of the so-called ‘leading personalities’ within the Alt-Right and have strong suspicions that some of them are enemy moles who are working to help the jews weaken, discredit, subvert and provide staged, deliberately unsavory “incidents” that help them demonize the movement and cast it in as negative of a light as possible, so as to discourage millions of Whites from joining and helping to strengthen the Alt-Right. But, the fact remains that the Alt-Right is the only openly and explicitly pro-White movement and if Jordan Peterson boasts about influencing young White men to abandon it – he is really boasting that he is helping the jewish agenda to keep Whites from organizing and defending their perfectly legitimate and rational, racial and cultural specific interests.

      Can anyone come up with a better description of a piece of human shit than that?