16 November, 2018

Einstein-the-Fraud and the Atomic Heblews, er, Hebrews

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(Above: the U.S. atomic bomb called “Fat Man” — a.k.a. the Nagasaki bomb)

The Jews are the People of the Book and also the People of the Ka-Boom, i.e., not only did Jews create and staff the Manhattan Project, they instigated the project from the very start. It was Albert Einstein – who, by the way, didn’t invent E=MC2 – who convinced president F.D. Roosevelt to start building the atomic bomb, lest Those Evil Nazis build one first and vaporize the poor, innocent Hebes. Then, after they built the atomic bomb, the Jews gave the atomic-bomb recipe to the Soviet Union, being the sneaky little weasels that they are.


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    1. Thom McQueen Says:

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      Tough titties! Ha, ha, ha! Cop it, any way you want, mates.

    2. Thom McQueen Says:

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    3. fd Says:

      I read years ago that some of the people on the 2 planes that dropped the 2 horrific bombs on Japan developed severe mental problems later in life. I recall that one person killed himself. I’m not sure how accurate this information is.

    4. Chandala Says:

      The Jews built the bomb to use on Germany.

      They were disappointed when the weapon was perfected only after it was too late to use on what they considered to be their racial enemies, whole cities full of blond haired blue-eyed white women and children.

      And when the Jewish spies and traitors gave the bomb to the Soviet Union, they didn’t give it to the Russians. They gave it to their fellow Judeo-Communist tribesmen who had already enslaved and tortured and murdered tens of millions of others they considered to be their racial enemies, blond haired blue-eyed white Russian and Ukrainian women and children.

      Today, the weapon they helped invent, is still being used by their Judeo-Christian Judeo-American empire to advance their ultimate agenda, Jewish supremacism and a biblical and purely Jewish one world government.

    5. Chandala Says:

      As to the original Fox News article itself “Einstein letter showed he was fearful before Nazis came to power”, I’m still amazed to see the blatant Jewish lies of wartime propaganda from eighty years ago are still being parroted by so many clueless white Americans.

      You’d think by now more Americans would be outraged at how they were tricked into participating in the destruction of their own white Western Civilization.

      And yet most white Americans are still enthusiastic participants in the genocide of their own race.

    6. Lorenz Kraus Says:

      If you need proximity and duration for neutrons to sustain a chain-reaction, and if the atomic bomb is based on the shotgun design (where a slug is shot into another piece of metal) then the gun would blow itself up, foiling proximity and duration, stopping any chain-reaction. This would mean nukes are a hoax.

      If you need an atomic bomb to start a hydrogen thermonuclear bomb, as they claim, then H-bombs are a hoax.

      When MacArthur asked for nukes in Korea, he was fired. Like the moon-landing, only the US claims to have used nukes in a war.

      The unreliable masonic military wasn’t there for us on 9-11-01.

      Jews need to control the Manhattan project to invent fake bombs and milk the business. Israel needs the illusion of nukes to deter invasion. The H-bomb is today’s inflatable tank. The nuke hoax gives Jews the pretext to scare goy into invading Jew-enemies out of fear of mushroom clouds.

      Tank warfare is also obsolete.

      We’re back to sticks and stones. Can whites win a battle of sticks and stones against Jews? Not yet.

      Occult side of the bomb: