11 November, 2018

Video: The Left’s Beef with White People Explained

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A good video for newbies, and oldbies, too; it mentions the Frankfurt School, but sadly not the Jews per se; it explains why leftists become leftists (they lack any meaning in their lives so they seek out causes to join; unfortunately, it doesn’t mention “affect intensity,” an important feature of the left-wing brain [1]; also, it mentions the role of the media/Hollywood); also important is the mention of slavery, both in the West and globally; all countries have practiced slavery, yet strangely, the Left only focuses on White countries that have practiced slavery; also, how the Left denies/prohibits cultural pride in Whites but not in Browns. (I will add here that leftists are restless people: they’re never satisfied, they’re always seeking change, change, change, e.g., a liberal woman buys blue pants [not a dress, heavens, no!] on Monday but by Friday she’s tired of the blue pants and wants yellow pants instead; yep, restless, always looking for something better but never finding it. The conservative mind is just the opposite. My conservative grandfather was married for 65 years, and when asked how he could remain with one woman for so long, he said, “I know a good thing when I have one”; liberals rarely think that way, they have 3 or 4 wives and 5 extramarital affairs before they die).


[1] a “high AI” (affect intensity) person feels more emotion, while a “low AI” person feels less emotion. Leftists are “high AI” people

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    1. Antagonistes Says:

      This was a great film, and I say this as a “high AI” person.

      Just take the time to watch it.

      Resentment, jealousy motivate the Left. They hate excellence, because they cannot attain it, or they think they cannot. So they hate the creative and intelligent White race.

      But, conversely (and this is not in the film) they fall for the emoting of the Left because it makes them feel valued. They love the image of a big, fat black mammy crooning over her little white lamb. But this is illusion—there is no substance there. Never was. (Creative emoters are not our enemies—they just need to be told what is what.)

      As the image of the steel-workers, sitting on a single steel beam thousands of miles in the air, shows—-go ahead and be an emotional creative or a cold thinker, a believer or an atheist, but get your ass out there and do something. It might be dangerous, but you will get used to it. Accomplish something; even the trying is an accomplishment. . . you can at least say, on your deathbed, that you burned yourself out.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      And it came to pass that when the White Man saw the fields drenched in blood, the sun setting in blood, the blood on his hands,and the young men lying in blood . . . he broke his sword.

      His woman came to him and comforted him, telling him of the rightness of it.

      So the White Man lived in peace with others . . . for a while. Even when they took his fields and his cattle, he turned the other cheek.

      He turned the other cheek, and he turned it again, and over and over he turned it.

      His anger mounting, he went forth to confront his adversaries, but his woman fell before him. “Forget not the vow that you took!”

      So the White man turned the other cheek, yet again.

      When his woman was raped, he took his sword and smote his enemies, cleaving them from the top of the head to the lower breast-plate.

      He woman came to him and comforted him, telling him of the rightness of it.

      “Begone from me,” he said. “Never again shall I listen to your soft words. It is through you that this evil entered into this world, that I became as a woman.”

      “That is true,” she said. “We women dampened your passion, because we had none. We wanted to make you like us, only because we were afraid of your leaving.”

      “Then know this.” he said. “Never again shall a man be bridled by a woman. It is to us that you owe everything: companionship, motherhood, survival, well-being. You can support me in what I do, but do not ever try to control it.”

      “My Lord. . . . ” she said, kneeling before him.

    3. Craig Says:

      I’ve lost faith in the white race.

      It is pathetic how white nationalists fight each other, because they are too scared to fight the jews.

      Whites are a bunch of pussies.

      Only Muslims can save us:

    4. Jerry Says:

      To anyone who has any doubts about Trump being a Jew shill.

      This video will dispel any doubts.


    5. Tim Says:

      Check out “THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MODERN LEFTISM” by Ted Kaczynski

      Leftist are type of self-hating nutcases

    6. Stronza Says:

      “Then know this.” he said. “Never again shall a man be bridled by a woman. It is to us that you owe everything: companionship, motherhood, survival, well-being. You can support me in what I do, but do not ever try to control it.”

      “My Lord. . . . ” she said, kneeling before him.


      One stupid extreme to the other. We were meant to get along with each other by understanding the other. The above scenario is some kind of sick domination/bondage act, only undertaken by the mentally ill.

      Now about that companionship stuff referred to above. Without women (sensible, understanding ones who respect themselves instead of acting like doormats yet capable of respecting men’s basic nature), you would have only each other to have sex with. Doesn’t sound like a good time to me.

    7. Antagonistes Says:

      Exactly the point, Einstein.

      The bloodthirst of men needs a feminine constraint; the fickleness of women needs some male hardheadedness.

      Loop the story on around, repeat.

    8. Thom McQueen Says:

      Bonza, Ant! I said it before and I say it again—I suspect thaat you are Sri Sreggin Das. Admit it!

    9. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      It is the eternal tension between polarities which creates the energy needed for progress. It must be noted that the polarities must have some commonalities form the beginning; that is, a polarity between a white woman and a black man would generally not work. The difference between polarities would be too strong, and would generate a destructive energy.

      When women guarded their chastity until marriage (whereas the men wanted what they wanted right then) . . . this tension created a backlog of energy which was then, upon marriage, used to create stability and prosperity. The tension between the polarities of man and woman after marriage can likewise generate constructive energy, if used rightly.

      In the same way, a tension between a young man and his father can lead to self-discovery and progress on the part of the young man, and the father.

      On a bigger scale, the tension between the Old World Church-dominated order, and the pagan values of the enlightenment created Deism, which played a huge role in the founding of America.

      The tension between illegal non-Whites and Whites in the America of today is of too great a polarity to produce anything substantial—their values are too far apart. However, when Whites are reduced to a minority and dispossessed, the tension between the polarities of what is then, and what was before (when Whites ruled) will generate tremendous energy among Whites and for Whites.

      When one sees things in terms of energy, which is what everything is anyway, it can change the paradigm. The old values of good and evil are replace by the concept of low or high energy.

    10. fd Says:

      Cohabitation is natural, not complicated. Most White people that separate permanently is for one reason — incompatible.

    11. Antagonistes Says:

      Thom, I am not he.

      But thanks for the compliment.