4 December, 2018

George H. W. Bush: That’s Why We Honor Him: He Waged a War For Israel

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News headline: US Postal Service to Suspend Delivery Wednesday in Former President George H.W. Bush’s Honor.

Yeah, right, let’s honor the man who launched the 1991 Gulf War for Israel’s benefit! [1][2]. He brought Saddam “to heel” in a war that wasn’t even ours. Then later, his son launched another war for Israel in 2003 (the Iraq War) and completed the Zionist job on Saddam, making the region “safer” for the Jews. Gee, what a swell guy. Why couldn’t Israel wage war on Saddam? Hmmm? The Gulf War cost America 70 billion dollars (maybe more), only half of which was paid back by America’s sand-negro “allies” Kuwait and the Saudis. How much did Israel pay us back, since the war was for Israel? (Trick question! When do Jews ever pay for anything? They’re God’s chosen people! In fact, America paid Israel for the Gulf War! That’s called Jewish chutzpah! [3]).

[1] re: the Gulf War: at first, the American diplomatic position on the Iraq-vs.-Kuwait matter was that “it isn’t our problem.” But that quickly changed due to Jewish political pressure on Washington D.C.

[2] also, not only did Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait scare Israel, but Israel feared an Iraq newly enriched with money, gold (1.3 billion ounces!) and other valuables taken during the invasion of Kuwait. Iraq had previously been bankrupted by a long war with Iran

[3] “After a week of haggling, the Bush Administration and Israel agreed today on a compromise aid package that will give Israel $650 million in cash to help cover its increased military and civil defense expenses during the Persian Gulf war.” — New York Times, an article titled “After The War: Israel; U.S. to Give Israel $650 Million To Offset Costs of the Gulf War,” March 6, 1991

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    1. BroncoColorado Says:

      Like FDR before him George H W Bush was a suitably compliant front man of the ‘deep state’, both jew and non-jew factions. He spent his whole miserable life serving their genocidal policies. Whenever they said, jump! his reply was, how high?
      What a despicable creature, in good company with senator Dole.

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      Rot in Hell George Globalist Scum Bush!
      Hopefully him and McInsane McCain and
      Rockefeller are all on the same Tortured by
      Various devils and demons shit detail.
      Forever cleaning Satans port o lets!
      24 7
      Hopefully Soros and Kissinger will be on the same
      Shit duty too very soon.
      Sooner the Better!
      Cosmic Justice Awaits

    3. Luke Says:

      Dec 06 11:02
      When George Bush, Sr. took on the Israel lobby, and paid for it


      In its article, “How ‘lonely little’ George H.W. Bush changed the US-Israel relationship,” the Times of Israel reports: “The 41st president beat AIPAC, but lost 24% of his Jewish backing after confronting Israel over the settlements; it’s a lesson US leaders since have taken to heart.”

      The Israeli newspaper states that Bush “made clear the cost of an American president waging a political fight against the vast coalition of pro-Israel lobbying groups. In doing so, he exposed the limits of what the world’s most powerful man can do” when opposed by Israel partisans.

      In 1991 Bush told Israel that the U.S. would not give Israel $10 million in loan guarantees until Israel stopped building settlements in the West Bank and Gaza. (Settlements are illegal under international law.*)

      Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! https://www.whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz5YzrIHLB9

    4. jayhackworth Says:

      Too bad the Japs didn’t hit kill him during that WWII mission. Bush Jr was/is truly a dumbass zionist toady.