27 December, 2018

History for Newbies: Nazism vs. Communism: Which is More Evil?

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(Above: the Marxist Jew [half-Jew, actually], Theodor Adorno, author of “The Authoritarian Personality”, circa 1950)

When the Jewish “expert,” Theodor Adorno, was moaning about “The Authoritarian Personality” in 1950 (“Oy veh! Little mini-Hitlers are everywhere! These people hold traditional values and beliefs! We must stop them before it’s too late for mankind!”), he conveniently ignored the much, much worse totalitarian personality of the Marxist (because he was one!). Jews – the most racist people on earth – love to cry about the evils of racism and fascism while they practice racism and fascism every day in Israel. Indeed, Israel was founded on racism.

Newbies, communism (true name: Judeo-communism) was much more heavy-handed and brutal than Nazism. Yet, Nazism is always portrayed as far more evil than communism, thanks to the Judeo-leftist control of the media, the universities and Hollywood [1][2]. Hitler was a choirboy compared to Lenin, Stalin and Mao. Nazism was merely a reaction to Bolshevism and Judeo-communism.

[Video, duration is 12 minutes].

[1] Nazism was merely authoritarian, while communism was totalitarian. Furthermore, Nazism actually worked, while communism didn’t work (without massive Western aid [most of which came from America], the mothership of communism, i.e., the Soviet Union, would have collapsed circa 1938). Communism can’t work because it ignores at least one fundamental fact: humans are not equal and are not interchangeable. Every Marxist screed since 1848 portrays all humans as being “one size fits all,” human robots having no race, heritage or creed. Communism is a clever Jewish attack upon Western culture; communism is an ethnic weapon based upon the hatred of White culture

[2] as opposed to communism, Nazism allowed privately-owned businesses to operate in Germany; “Additionally, the Nazis privatized some public services which had been previously provided by the government…” — Wikipedia

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    1. Joe Glasnovic Says:

      The reds hands down,with the majority of crimes committed in peacetime.As a microcosm,many have heard of the Katyn Woods massacre where the communist satanists killed 4,500 pPolish officers-another 20,000 Polish officers and intellectuals were killed elswhere,near Smolensk,etc.I doubt I can find more than a dozen people in Western Europe who have heard of the Macelj Woods massacre where in five days the Yugoslav reds killed at least 11,000 Croatian civilians and POWs.Thats just a part of the at least 200,000 Croats massacred from May to September 1945.