7 January, 2019

Message to the Brown People of the World

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(This message was inspired by a “let’s save the Brown people of the world” Christian TV commercial)

Dear Brown People of the World (this includes negroes):

Every day, the White world “must” come to your aid in some way. If there’s an earthquake, a flood, a drought, a famine, a disease epidemic, or a civil war anywhere in the Brown world, we White people “must” deploy there. We “must” go there and help you, for you seem to be like children, unable to help yourselves. That help costs us billions of dollars and is often dangerous. What do we Whites get in exchange for that help? Nothing, except to be called “racists” by you a few days after we leave.

Here in the West, we “must” allow you Brown people into our countries and we “must” give you 6 or 7 different types of welfare payments. We also “must” pretend not to notice that you Brown people commit far more crime, and have much lower IQs, than we Whites. We also “must” pretend not to notice that you use more illegal drugs than we Whites.

Brown people, I conclude this message with this plea: Stop fucking like rabbits. That produces too many idiots like you. This world has enough idiots already.

  • One Response to “Message to the Brown People of the World”

    1. BroncoColorado Says:

      Very true! Fortunately there is ‘brown fatigue’ growing within White nations and we are increasingly fed up with shit skins and their gimme dis, gimme dat attitude.
      Fuck ’em along with the jewN.