24 February, 2019

The Jews: Vicious Thugs Who Always Pose as “Innocent Victims”

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This is a must-read article about how the Jews killed Nazi Germany. (Out of all the things the Jews did to Germany, America’s Lend-Lease program was likely the most important. Unarmed/unequipped “allies” wouldn’t do in the fight against Hitler. Lend-Lease gave vital aid to the Soviets, e.g., fuel, heavy trucks and aluminum for airplane manufacturing. Don’t forget: it was the Soviets who played the major role in the defeat of Nazi Germany. Trivia: the Lend-Lease plan was written by a Jewish lawyer, Oscar Sidney Cox [1905-1966]. A clever multi-tasker like most Jews, Cox also invented the War Refugee Board, which saved some of God’s Pets from having to eat stale bread [1]).


[1] “On January 2, 1941, Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, Jr., asked Cox and colleague Edward Foley to draft legislation that became the Lend-Lease Act. Cox was also charged with pushing Lend-Lease through the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee as well as the full Senate, a task he performed admirably.” — from an article titled “The Role of Oscar Cox in The Creation of the War Refugee Board, 1943–1944” by W. Raymond Palmer. (Note the date: Jan. 1941 was well before WWII began for America)

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    1. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      Since 1937 when Clare Cbanult resigned the Army Air Corp and wit was put in theater news reels to make it look that was was completely away from the govt and on his own, but he was secretly working on the Flying Tiger concept, as they first started setting up in India to them move to Burma. The Flying Tigers had employment notices posted on every US air stations for pilots, mechanics, welders machinists etc. at THREE TIMES THE PAY TAX FREE. No private group could put notice on military based with out the henchmen of the FDR/cabal’s approval.