30 March, 2019

Getting Away With It: About the “Soft Coup” Plot Against Donald Trump and Why It’s (Probably) Ancient History Now

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For the record, in America, engineering a coup (even a soft one) against a sitting president is treason, a crime which can carry the death penalty.

Did various anti-Donald Trump people commit treason in trying to remove Trump from office? Maybe. Depending on what they did, they may have committed treason. Did they manufacture fake evidence against Trump? Did members of a foreign government help them do that?

Anyway, do you think it’s just a Cohencidence that the “never elect Trump/remove Trump from office” movement was led by Jews? It wasn’t a Cohencidence. Circa mid-2015, long before Trump was elected, approximately 50 powerful people in the federal government and the media (most of them were Jews, and the rest were Jew-tools) decided that Trump (who was a populist) was politically unreliable, and therefore was dangerous to the Jews and to Zionism. In the minds of the ever-paranoid Jews, Trump was way too friendly with Russian leader Vladimir Putin (a friendship that dated back to 2013, long before Trump took office). Putin was seen in America as being anti-Israel and pro-Arab (for example, Putin is a long-time ally of Syrian leader Bashar Assad). The Jews, as a people, hate and fear Putin and Russia. Ironically, the Jews need not have worried: Trump turned out to be probably the best friend Israel and the Jews ever had. (But Jews, being paranoid and emotional people, can’t think straight: most of them still hate Trump).

Will the “soft coup” Jews and their gentile “useful idiots” ever be prosecuted for trying to remove Trump from office via a bloodless coup? Probably not, because if they were prosecuted, too many gentiles would notice that the biggest and most aggressive soft-coup plotters were Jews.

  • 2 Responses to “Getting Away With It: About the “Soft Coup” Plot Against Donald Trump and Why It’s (Probably) Ancient History Now”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      They cannot be allowed to get away with this.

      Bill Krystal, Hillary Clinrton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Sasha Baron Cohen must go to the guillotine.

      They have crossed the red line, big-time. If it is not dealt with, we are in for rough, rough seas. They will have given carte blanche to all rebellion and subterfuge. Our heavy hitters have not yet stepped up to the plate;theirs have, and they are sub-par. Ours are not.

      Prepare for HellAmerica.

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      Of course Not!
      The Jews are a special people who deserve to be treated Specially!
      Not until Holocaust 2.0 comes will they have to answer for Treason
      Or crimes against the Cunt Tree.
      Master Liers and Decievers Hitler called them.
      Like trying to grab a bunch of Goo
      They slip through the Fingers of Justice and have
      The Fucking Nerve to act like Nothing just happened!
      Oy Vey!!