21 March, 2019

Missouri: Getting Ready for a Giant “No” to Federal Goy-Control Laws

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Jewish gun-banner #1: “Oy veh! We must control the goys and their evil toys!”

Jewish gun-banner #2: “Yes! If we don’t control them, OMG, it could lead to freedom for White people! We can’t allow that!”

Jewish gun-banner #3: “Neffer again…neffer again! Remember the HollowCo$t! The gas chambers! Oy veh — my sister was gassed 5 times at Auschwitz and 6 times at Dachau! Neffer again! Oyyy veeeeh!”

Missouri: “Why don’t you all take a slow boat to Jerusalem?”


  • 2 Responses to “Missouri: Getting Ready for a Giant “No” to Federal Goy-Control Laws”

    1. J├╝rgen Says:


      is that, once a White person has woken up, there is no going back to sleep.
      You now know the truth, everything makes sense, and you’re enraged.

    2. Luke Says:

      Yea, I suppose Jurgen is right – but, the question still remains:

      What do we do about White men who smeared super glue on the backs of their ears and then let the jews shove their heads up their asses?

      I am personally acquainted with an alarming number of White males of this variety and have discovered that, at a certain point, it becomes almost pure agony to spend more than 5 minutes at a stretch in their presence.