8 March, 2019

Oh, Here We Go Again, or, “The Holocaust”: Bringing White People to Heel Since 1967

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The Holoswindle: it’s basically a 1960s-era Jewish weapon for silencing and guilt-tripping Whites: when Whites show signs of nationalism, the Jews just invoke “Auschwitz,” “death camps” and “gas chambers” (oy veh!) and then they watch the Whites bow theirs heads in shame and apologize for their “Nazi-like anti-Semitism.” (Newbies: you know those grainy old photos that you have seen of hundreds of dead bodies of “Holocaust gassing victims”? That’s death-by-starvation due to the ‘allies’ cutting off all of the Germans’ food supply lines during WWII. In other words, the ‘allies’ inadvertently killed most of the various camps’ inmates. Interestingly, the “Holocaust gassing hysteria” didn’t begin until 1967, about the same time that the Jews attacked their Arab neighbors and stole their land — that must be just a big Cohencidence! You’d think that the Holocaust gassing hysteria would have begun in 1945 or 1946) [1][2].


[1] 1950s-era American encyclopedias don’t mention “The Holocaust” or gassings; that only started in 1967; see Chapter 23 of David Duke’s important 1998 book “My Awakening”

[2] in June 1967, Israel started a war (the Jews always start wars) and during that war stole the Occupied Territories from Syria/Jordan/Egypt; Israel also attacked an American ship, the USS Liberty, killing 34 U.S. sailors and wounding 171 of them

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    1. Pierre Says:

      Ce que l’on conçoit bien s’énonce clairement,
      Et les mots pour le dire arrivent aisément.
      Nicolas Boileau
      That which you understand well is stated clearly and the words to say it come to mind easily.

    2. Coon Crusher Says:

      Neither Eisenhower nor Churchill mentioned the Holohoax in their postwar memoirs. The American Jewish Encyclopedia didnt mention until decades after the war ended.