24 March, 2019

“Red Flag” Gun Laws are Unconstitutional (and Jewish), So Why Do They Exist?

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(Above: Jewish gun-banner Frank Lautenberg; his unconstitutional 1996 “misdemeanor domestic-violence gun law” still stands. Why?)

Under “red flag” gun laws, your sneaky wife or mother can go to the police, tell them that you are “dangerous” or “scary” and presto!, all your guns will be taken away by the police — in many cases without you even being involved in the matter. This violates your 5th Amendment right to due process, but nonetheless, “red flag” gun laws are the “cool” trend and they already exist in nine states [1]. Of course, the whole “domestic violence means take their guns away” idea (and there often doesn’t even need to be any actual violence, just yelling) came from Jewish senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey (of course NJ! Did you really think he’d be from Wyoming or some other normal state?). Look for “red flag” gun laws to be the great new tool in the “war on goys who own guns.” Soon, every state will have them, and, no doubt, if you’re a “White supremacist,” that alone could soon be grounds for you being “red flagged” by someone in your life. [Video].

[1] the 5th Amendment says: “nor shall any person…be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”

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    1. fd Says:

      Sneaky people — This is true. People are narking out their friends, family members and associates all over the country. A line of battle between the folk and anti-folk.