23 March, 2019

Serb-Phobia Revisited (or, International Law? It’s All Bullshit)

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Note that the UN was founded by an “American” Jew, Leo Pasvolsky, and the UN building is located in New York City on “international land.” Yeah, suuure.

The Serbs were acting defensively, they insist. They were worried that since the “international community” (including the UN and America) had recognized Bosnia as an independent state (it joined the UN in 1992), that that could harm Serbia both politically and ethnically. Did it? Well, look what happened for yourself. NATO (which is led by America) nearly destroyed the Serbs with months of aerial bombing in 1999, and Kosovo, the historic Serb homeland, was stolen from Serbia. So it looks like the Serb’s fears of an “international cabal” that was “out to get them, no matter what” were well-founded indeed.

The “International Tribunal” for the former Yugoslavia was an arm of the UN. But international courts are illegal since all countries have natural sovereignty (i.e., state sovereignty). You can’t kidnap a leader from Country X and ship him 3,000 miles away to Country Y and try him for defensive “international crimes” that don’t exist except in the minds of globalist bureaucrats who favor Muslims over Whites. Curiously, in Article 2, the UN Charter acknowledges state sovereignty! State sovereignty used to be a given. But now, no country has sovereignty unless the USA “grants” it to them (like to Israel). That’s why the 2003 Iraq War was illegal, and why many other wars were illegal.


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