19 April, 2019

Illegal Brown Bi-Peds Held at Gunpoint by Militia at Border; Jews, Leftists and Brown People Cry and Freak Out

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Jew #1: “I thought we banned militias back in 1992. Where did these evil Nazis come from??”

Liberal #1: “Oh, my God! Evil Nazis held innocent, future citizens at gunpoint! Somebody call the UN!”

Liberal #2: “Civil-rights violations! Human-rights violations! No humans are illegal, except White males!”

Liberal #3: “I’m going to cry!” (*sob*) (*sniff*)

Jew #2: “See what happens when you elect racist, White populists like Trump??”

Jew #3: “This could lead to another Holocaust!”

Jew #4: “This is why Congress needs to ban assault rifles!”


  • One Response to “Illegal Brown Bi-Peds Held at Gunpoint by Militia at Border; Jews, Leftists and Brown People Cry and Freak Out”

    1. Luke Says:

      “Jew #4: “This is why Congress needs to ban assault rifles!””

      The first thing that crossed my mind, when I saw the photograph of the camo clad, so-called ‘Militia’ guy, who had a mask on to conceal his face – holding a filthy illegal bean in custody and allegedly waiting for the Border Patrol to show up to take his prize off his hands – was how this looked like a typical jew false flag deception, designed to be used to demonize Whites and to get new laws passed that would prevent legitimate White Americans from going to the border with their legally owned firearms, to help provide border security.

      As for those AR-15s with their standard capacity magazines, keep your eyes peeled, because I smell a jew gun grabbing, staged false flag shooting event being planned where some patsy will be recruited to dress out in camouflage clothes, have a Confederate Flag patch sewed onto one or both of his shoulders, and use an AR-15 with a few dozen standard capacity mags “to allegedly mow down a few dozen bean weeds” in the desert (beans who will actually be killed by the Mexican drug cartels who do NOT want any border wall to be built and who will be very eager and willing to supply as many bullet ridden corpses as requested by the jew gun grabbers).

      The jews always try to pull off their false flag attacks with multiple agendas on the table. Gun bans. Further demonize White Nationalists. Further stymie the TrumpenMerkel cuck loser in his fake 2016 promises to secure our borders.

      Trust me on this. Chuckie Schumer and Diane Feinstein are already writing their speeches that they intend to give once their mass shooting on the border false flag event happens and it will be blamed on White Nationalist Militia radical extremists who used AR-15s to do the deed.