30 April, 2019

New Florida “Anti-Semitism” Law Would be a Direct Violation of the First Amendment

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(Above: Jewish banker Paul M. Warburg [1868-1932], chief founder of the Federal Reserve system)

Public schools are government-run. So this new “anti-Semitism”-banning law would violate the right to free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment. And look at the ridiculous language of the bill: “(The bill) goes on to list several examples of antisemitism, including…making stereotypical allegations about Jews controlling the media, economy, and government…” As if Jews don’t control the media, the economy via the Paul Warburg-founded Federal Reserve system, and U.S. foreign policy! Jeebus H. Christ! (Jeeboo was also a Jew, according to the Biblical narrative).


  • One Response to “New Florida “Anti-Semitism” Law Would be a Direct Violation of the First Amendment”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      I heard somewhere that you can tell who your Rulers are
      By WHO your not allowed to criticize. Look Who wants to
      Make it ILLEGAL AND Hateful to criticize them!
      The Jews!
      The TRUTH IS AN “Anti-Semite” !
      Whaddaya know?