28 April, 2019

The Synagogue Shooting in Poway, California: Asking the Wrong “Why”

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Many people are asking why a synagogue in Southern California would be attacked by a White gunman. But that’s the wrong “why” to ask. The “why” that should be asked is: “why are the Jews still in America? Why weren’t all of the Jews expelled by the U.S. government decades ago?”

Jewish ethnic behavior in America has been so incredibly harmful to our country that it’s amazing that the U.S. government didn’t kick the Jews out of America after World War II. (In fact, Dr. Revilo Oliver once predicted an enormous backlash by the American people against Roosevelt and his Jewish cabal after their involvement in pushing America into WWII came to light. But that backlash never happened [1]. Many “conservatives” knew the truth about the Jews and WWII, but, fearing Jewish power and retribution, they said nothing).

Besides WWII, here’s another example of harmful Jewish behavior in America: Jews built the political Left [2]. That fact should be enough to give any “conservative” some pause about why the Jewish presence is still tolerated in America.

[1] see Revilo Oliver, “What We Owe Our Parasites”

[2] e.g., Jews founded the modern feminist movement, the NAACP and the communist/socialist movements

  • One Response to “The Synagogue Shooting in Poway, California: Asking the Wrong “Why””

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      We need to remove the parasites from our midst.
      But what these assholes are doing by shooting people
      Isnt helping our Cause and just gives the Jewsmedia a
      Chance to whine and bitch about ” anti semetism”
      A better question is what kind of anti depressants or feel
      Good drugs was the dude on?
      Most mass shooters are on some kind of pschotropics.
      But dont go there ! The media sure as hell wont.