10 May, 2019

California: Choose One: “Homoschooling” or Homeschooling

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(Above: the “godfather” of the normalization of homosexuality in the West: the Jew, Magnus Hirschfeld; there have actually been several such godfathers, at different times and in different places, and all of them were Jews [1]).

Do you want your child to be brainwashed with queer propaganda? If you do, then maybe “homoschooling” is for you. If not, then homeschooling is the answer. If done correctly, it only takes an hour per day to homeschool. Just focus on the “three Rs” and geography.

Here’s an important part of California’s new “sex ed” program: you can’t opt your child out of the homosexual indoctrination:

“A provision in the law allows parents to opt their children out of the sex ed lessons, but they cannot opt them out of lessons focused on the rights and achievements of LGBT people in other contexts.”


By the way, Colorado is trying this type of “LGBT” propaganda on schoolchildren, too.

[1] the pro-homosexual movement is, historically speaking, almost entirely Jewish, e.g., Rudi Gernreich, a Jew who financed and co-founded the Mattachine Society, an early “gay rights” organization founded in Los Angeles in 1950

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    1. cucco Says:

      California is the Jewish laboratory for the future of the Western World. And worst of all, it’s the cultural vanguard of the Talmudic West. Resist!

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      Pull out of schools if you have White kids .
      Let the blacks and browns subject their kids to
      This Marxist Homo Jewry mindfuck.

    3. Douglas MacArthur Says: