26 May, 2019

Why Do People Live In Commiefornia, the State of Intolerance?, or, As California Goes, So Goes America

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(Above: Karl Marx, the state philosopher of California).

I’ve always been fascinated by how liberals are the exact opposite of what they say they are. What they say: “we’re so tolerant, so easy-going, so peaceful, so live-and-let-live. We’re not totalitarian thugs like those Nazi conservatives.” How they really are: extremely intolerant control-freaks who love big government (especially big federal government); they are cruel, hateful, petty, vengeful, emotional, utopian dreamers who cannot be reasoned with. They destroy everything they touch. They are adult children who have no business in government or in any type of administration. It’s no accident that Jews pioneered liberalism in America (i.e., the Old Left [1920s-1950s] and especially the New Left [post-1964]) [1].

Anyway, Commiefornia is “becoming” a police state? Ha! It already is a police state! Everything there is either mandatory, or banned. Take your pick. Lenin would love it.

They say that “whatever happens in California now will happen in the rest of America 20 years later.” So CA. is a bellwether state. Watch it carefully.


[1] the Soviet-backed Old Left focused on Marxism, class divisions, and labor issues; the New Left was more liberal and focused on things like abortion, feminism, social and racial issues, “gay rights” and so on

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