2 June, 2019

75th Anniversary of D-Day, 1944: When “America Saved Europe” (Saved It for Marxism and Multiculturalism)

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(Above: Thousands of Brown immigrants invade Germany, circa 2018; most of them lie about their backgrounds in order to gain refugee status, which means free food, free clothes, free housing and free money; it also means “genocide for White Europe” since Brown people outbreed White people).


In a boat off the coast of France, June 6, 1944:

U.S. soldier #1: “In just a few minutes, we’re going to land on those beaches. It’s going to be rough. The fighting will be fierce. Some of us won’t come back alive. But that’s the price that we must pay.”

U.S. soldier #2: “The price that we must pay??”

U.S. soldier #1: “Have you read the Atlantic Charter? It committed America to the destruction of Hitler’s Germany [1][2]. Therefore, we must help our good friends in the Soviet Union, despite the dangers of doing so. We must help them defeat evil, White, male Nazism, in order to make all of Europe safe for communists, leftists, Black and Brown rapefugees, multiculturalists, feminists, fags, transsexuals and bums who molest dogs and crap on public sidewalks. You see, by doing that, our great leaders — the semi-communist Roosevelt and the actual communist Stalin — will make Europe better than ever before! Understand?”

U.S. soldier #2: “No.”


[1] “Additionally, the Atlantic Charter stated that people should have the right to choose their own form of government.” Oh, really? Did Stalin allow the Eastern Europeans to choose their own form of government — before he raped and murdered millions of them, I mean? On January 1, 1942, the Soviet Union officially signed a document supporting the principles and goals of the “democratic” Atlantic Charter. America’s Lend-Lease program for the Soviet Union began in Oct. 1941, before Hitler declared war on America [More].

[2] “Third, they respect the right of all peoples to choose the form of government under which they will live; and they wish to see sovereign rights and self government restored to those who have been forcibly deprived of them;” (from the Charter; this is the definition of democracy, i.e., the people deciding; the allies violated the Charter for Stalin)

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    1. BroncoColorado Says:

      This has been said before but it needs repeating; if by some miracle of time travel we were able to travel back to the D-Day landings and show those valiant men about to storm the beaches a movie of what Europe and North America would be like for their grand kids, I’m sure they would have downed their weapons.
      The plan followed by FDR, Stalin, and Churchill was simple: destroy Germany, destroy nationalism, destroy Europe, and ultimately destroy whitey. The savage tragedy is that only fellow Whites are able to do it, no other race even with jew backing could have done it.
      Likewise we are the only people who can save our race and beat the jew. No one else, just us.

    2. Thom McQueen Says:

      There should be a freakin national day of repentence for our blinkin stupidity.

    3. Adolf Has Risen Says:

      What a disgrace to our ancestors Amerikwa the Kwanstain is.

    4. Luke Says:

      Most of the WW2 vets are finally dying off, or have one foot on a banana peel and the other foot in the grave – but, for years – ever since I got red pilled on the JQ, every time I would see some crusty old geezer in public or on TV, wearing some kind of WW2 cap or being praised by some jew media creep for being a member of the ‘Greatest Generation’ – it would literally make me sick to my stomach.

      That ‘Greatest Generation’ crap was dreamed up by the jews as a means to allow them to taunt the White men who were stupid and gullible enough to go to war against their racial kinsmen and pull the jews nuts out of the fire.

      Most Whites who hear that shit are too naive, too pathetically gullible and too brain dead stupid to see it for what it is, i.e., the jews are mocking their dumb asses. But, I will guarantee that when jews hear that ‘Greatest Generation’ baloney – to them, its all a big secret joke that all jews understand and laugh their hebrew asses off in private.

      Whites got USED by the jews, plain and simple. There is absolutely nothing whatsoever to take pride in that is connected to the European theater of war during WW2.

    5. Legions of Der F├╝hrer Says:

      The Nazis saved Europe from communism due to their pre-emptive strike on Russia.
      I always celebrate June 22 which is the day of Operation Barbarossa.

    6. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      When the Soviet Union took over Eastern Europe, the Allies had to justify what they did, which enabled this undemocratic seizure of land. Was not the war fought to prevent totalitarianism?

      They latched onto the concept of the holocaust and the evil Nazis. In much the same way that the American South was demonized for its supposed treatment of the Negro, so was Germany demonized for its supposed treatment of the Jew.

      To even question this narrative is to give evidence of one’s depravity and demonization. Because to question this narrative leads to the unmasking of the United States, and their foolishness in meddling in a European war, and furthering the totalitarianism against which they supposedly fought.

    7. Antagonistes Says:

      Holy One, again you are right on.

      I have always hated with a passion “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” It was written by a ho who had never even seen war. And this same ho dressed up the Northern War of Aggression in such religious language!

      I hope that ho done reap what she sow!

    8. The Red Skull Says:

      It takes Years of study and realization
      To Realize
      Whitey got played
      Taking out the
      Eeeevill Nadsees
      Was taking out the only
      That had thrown the Jews out.
      Making the White West the victim
      Of Multiculturalism and White guilt for 75 years
      Of Jew propaganda.
      No Central Banking and
      No Jews
      Just Right.