8 June, 2019

An Indian Writer in the NYT Asks: “Why Should Immigrants Respect Our Borders? The West Never Respected Theirs”

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Oh, that’s funny, and not at all comparable. In early times, “owning land” (as a legal concept) was not known among Brown/Black people in the world. They didn’t have “borders.” Take, for example, the “Native Americans.” Most of them were wanderers, moving from summer to winter camps. Most didn’t stay in one place. And as far as White colonialism in general is concerned, the Brown/Black people were viewed by the White explorers as mere savages (which they were. Some of them were cannibals, e.g., the Aztecs and the Acolhuas). By the way, they still shit in the streets in India, don’t they, Mr. Mehta? Yes, they do. Holy diseases, Batman! (“In 2015, India was reported to be the country with the highest number of people practicing open defecation” [40%] — Wikipedia).


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    1. Haunebu Says:

      Mud races hate whites because we built civilizations that have worked for millennia.
      They wish to destroy what we made because they know they got the short end of the genetic stick.
      As for the overrated shithole known as India they can all go down to some shit ridden river and take a bath or leave some food and milk out for a holy rat that they worship.
      Grammaw was right when she said mud races are color coded for the shit that they are.

    2. Thom McQueen Says:

      go take a crapper in the streets of Delhi, ya hindude mudturd!

    3. BroncoColorado Says:

      If shit were fluorescent street lighting wouldn’t be needed in Delhi! It’s literally everywhere in the city.

    4. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      Many “new age” and “hippie” types that I know have told me of going to India to find higher spirituality. Then, they walk down the streets of an Indian city, behind what seem to be upper class, stringently Hindu women. All of a sudden the women stop, hike up their garments, squat, and leave steaming turds well-doused in puddles of revolting wee-wee, right there on the sidewalk.

      And these are the same upper-class Indian women who show such disdain, such contempt for Western “hippies.”

      Most of the “new age” and “hippie” types that saw this took the next plane out of that accursed country. After they have a few beers to get over their shock.
      Some of them, with perhaps a bit too much Indian beer, went to a sacred shrine or statue, in the cover of night, and weewee-ed all over it, to show their disgust.

      One of them told me, “I can still hear the farts coming out of the asses of those high-class Indian women!”

      The original Aryan religion of cleanliness, nobility, and enlightened spirituality—-how far it has fallen in the Kali Yuga! The weeds have grown up in that once-noble garden! Now, visiting India is like visiting a mental asylum. There is sublime thought right next to the very worst filth; noble and artistic work right next to the very worst and degrading peasant labor; beautiful, modest and noble women right next to the street-squatters; true and honorable gurus right next to the drug-addicted, whore-mongers who pass themselves off as gurus!

      Despair not! This was all prophesied, all foreseen, long ago. So long ago. In the Golden Age, the Lost Eden, the fabled Atlantis. Despair not, God is preparing New Wine! All those who love Him will drink of this Wine, and are even now partaking of this Joyous Oblation!

    5. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      Mr. Das, Sir, I am even now drinking this “New Wine” thanks to your wisdom and insight.

      There is something selfish and immature about public defecation/ urination. Nudity, on the other hand, requires a lot of maturity. And a lot of love. It sometimes takes compassion to view a naked human body. But this is the Way of Eden, and I am sure that Atlantis had nudity, as advanced as they were.

      I would like to learn more of your wisdom, Sir. Have you written any books?