11 June, 2019

Re-Re-Re-Redefining “Anti-Semitism”

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The Jews are always changing the meaning of the term “anti-Semitism” in order to gain more sympathy. Now, according to the Jews, merely being anti-Zionist, or being critical of Israel, means that you’re anti-Semitic. Oh, and what of BDS? Now, according to the Jews, if you support BDS, it means that you want to wipe out all of the Jews in Israel [1].


[1] BDS = Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions

  • One Response to “Re-Re-Re-Redefining “Anti-Semitism””

    1. Jesse Goes to Hymietown Says:

      How many immigrants did Israel take in? They took all the money from the Kwanstain and made their country first world.
      The old adage rings true, those who you cannot criticize are who rules over you.
      How delicious that the CPUSA Bolsheviks AKA democrats now have openly “anti-semitic” politicians in office.
      Trumpstein will always make Israel great again priority number one.