6 July, 2019

Arizona: Police Booted From Starbucks After Customer Complains About Them, or, It Ain’t Your Daddy’s America Anymore

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It would be interesting to learn who this person was who complained about the police presence. Were they Black? Mexican? SJW? This sort of thing is becoming somewhat common in places like Seattle, Portland, San Franqueersco, etc. Cops are seen as “Nazis” today — which is funny since most cops are hopelessly race-blind and politically correct.


  • 3 Responses to “Arizona: Police Booted From Starbucks After Customer Complains About Them, or, It Ain’t Your Daddy’s America Anymore”

    1. W├╝rger Says:

      Five bucks for a cup of coffee? I can get a whole bag or can at the store for that price.
      Next time there is a robbery at the Starsucks or some vagrant camps out all day the cops should suddenly have a flat tire or equipment malfunction.
      Don’t worry the new America won’t last very long with subhuman mudrace genetic misfire pieces of shit at the helm.

    2. Luke Says:

      First of all, anyone who patronizes Starbucks and who is ‘White’ is allowing the jew who owns this franchise to slide his greedy hand as deep as possible into his pocket and steal money from his wallet, money which will then be funneled into a wide variety of agendas that all lead to White Genocide.

      Secondly, any pro-White who still thinks White kwaps are secretly pro-White and sympathize with our cause is making a very dangerous assumption. Remember Charlottesville? Those kwaps who deliberately herded the violent anti-fa leftists into the peaceful pro-White, pro-Southern Heritage protestors and then helped incite a riot that should have never happened had they done their job – were almost all White kwaps.

      We had best wean ourselves off this blind and pusillanimous, child-like worship of kwaps and authority figures. They are not our friends and they will not lift a finger to help or protect us.

    3. Sonderkommando SS Says:

      Donut molesters just want to get to that Zogbux pension and don’t care about YT. They will always place subhuman genetic misfire mudrace pieces of shit above YT because the people who sign their checks tell them to.
      Don’t worry when the Zogbux are Zimbabwe toilet/wall paper and the checks no longer ca$h they will be down in the shit with YT and the weaklings will get weeded out fast.