9 July, 2019

Breaking News: Half-Jew, Leftist Billionaire in the Running for President in 2020

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“Tom Steyer, the billionaire liberal activist who earlier this year said he would not pursue the Democratic nomination for president, reversed course on Tuesday, announcing his campaign for president in 2020.”

His money won’t help him win. Running against Donald Trump is like running against pizza. You can’t win no matter what you do.


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  7. One Response to “Breaking News: Half-Jew, Leftist Billionaire in the Running for President in 2020”

    1. Vril SS Says:

      He will poll at 0% like Swallowswell and drop out when too much of his own money is spent.
      Trump has a populist message that resonates with the Kulaks.
      The stale moldy we hate Trump mantra isn’t even resonating with the true believers anymore.
      People can see that the most worthless useless congress in history places Mexcrements and Latrinos over Americans.