14 July, 2019

Cultural Marxism Only Works If You Don’t Ask Questions

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Vermont state official #1: “Saaaaay, I’ve got a great idea: let’s hire a Black diversity boss!

Vermont state official #2: “Why?”

Vermont state official #1: “Because every White state needs a Black diversity boss, especially one who has worked in New York City! Major big-city cred there!”

Vermont state official #2: “Why?”

Vermont state official #1: “Silly boy! Cultural Marxism only works if you don’t ask questions! As soon as you start questioning things, that’s when the trouble starts and White people start getting fired! Now, pipe down and remember this slogan: ‘African-Americans bring more fun for everyone!’ And smile when you say it!”


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  7. One Response to “Cultural Marxism Only Works If You Don’t Ask Questions”

    1. 14-88 Says:

      “Onward to the stars to fly high above the mud of yellow, black and brown.”

      Robert Mathews