8 July, 2019

Marxism? No. It’s Much Worse: It’s Cultural Marxism

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How insane is this Nivea-being-dumped-by-an-ad-agency situation? Consider this: in a normal world, companies hire, and fire, ad agencies, not vice-versa.

Cultural Marxism can be practiced by anyone, anywhere, anytime [1]. Schools, the media, churches, ad agencies, little old ladies, children — anyone can practice Cultural Marxism. It needs no government or no army to install it and enforce it. That’s why it’s so dangerous. Cultural Marxism demands, among other things, that homosexuals will not only be accepted, but celebrated, and anybody who doesn’t celebrate faggotry ends up in deep shit. Indeed, careers are destroyed and companies go bankrupt due to Cultural Marxism. CM is very expensive! Yet, few people seem interested in stopping CM; but if it is not stopped, CM will destroy the Western world. An all-out, no-holds-barred war should be declared on CM. (Will the U.S. government fight CM? Nope. But it will fight Iran for no good reason! Ya gotta have priorities, see…).


[1] as opposed to regular (economic) Marxism. CM is also known as Political Correctness or PC (PC is a part of CM). Cultural Marxism, like regular Marxism, came from ethnic Jews (e.g., Marx, Trotsky, Lukacs, Radek, Luxemburg, Horkheimer, Adorno, etc. — you can websearch those names)

  • 2 Responses to “Marxism? No. It’s Much Worse: It’s Cultural Marxism”

    1. March Through the Institutions Says:

      Destroying WC is the stated goal of cultural Marxism. Subhumans who don’t have the ability to create anything useful put themselves to use destroying because that is all they know.

    2. Stronza Says:

      Sad that Nivea will be forced to beg for forgiveness. If they don’t, thousands will march and riot, demanding that all stores dump Nivea’s products. Even if they decide to go along with the homosexual ad presented to them, the damage is done. It will be interesting to watch this company’s downward trajectory.