22 July, 2019

You Can Measure the Health of a Country by How Much Sickness It Allows

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This quote says so much:

“The degree of respect for LGBTQ people has increasingly become a measure of democratic health in former Soviet states.”

That’s “health”? No thanks. Want to kill a country? Give it democracy and watch it decay into nothingness. Democracy is communism in slow motion, or, a slow-acting poison [1]. (Early America didn’t have democracy. It was a White republic where only White, male land-owners could vote or hold office. America “became” a democracy circa 1964 with her insane “civil-rights” laws).



[1] Today, “democracy” basically means “Jewish, media-driven democracy,” which means: any idiot can vote or hold political office; the constitution is no longer followed by government officials; big, Orwellian, nanny-state government (Cop: “I stopped you for not wearing a seatbelt. You should thank me!”); all humans are equal (no exceptions); racism and sexism are evil; mass immigration is good; homosexuality is hip and cool; no more nuclear families; daily mass entertainment and life as an endless parade of spectacles, trends and fads

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    1. Adolf Satan Says:

      If they held a gay pride parade in downtown Tehran then I would be impressed.