2 August, 2019

Jewish Democracy/Repetition

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Alex Linder wrote:

“It doesnt matter if the “left” aka jews has mostly shitty memes…if they are all one hears from every official (govt dept) and every top private vector (corp. and pulpit), they win. given the way people are by their animal biology. tv is authority, and Authority is right this is the biological response of the majority of people; Repetition is the King of Memes; jews know this, it’s why they must control MASS media at all costs” [Here].

I thought this needed to be repeated here at VNN main. That touches on two important things in WN: Dr. William Pierce’s “Jewish democracy” comments [1] and also the importance of repeating things. You learned math…how? By repetition. Learning and memorizing WN philosophy is the same way. Hence the reason why I often come back to the same things over and over again, despite the fact that some people probably hate it.

[1] Jews love democracy because they can control public opinion in it (e.g., via the mainstream media, Hollywood) and therefore they largely control America

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