19 August, 2019

Why Liberalism Should Be Illegal Under Federal Law

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Simply put, if taken to its logical conclusion, liberalism/leftism will destroy America in many different ways. Liberalism is not an evolutionary ideology. It isn’t even an ideology per se. It’s a revolutionary movement. A revolution. An overthrow. Destruction of the existing order. And anything so dangerous must be banned by federal law as being “harmful and destructive to America.” If liberalism isn’t banned by a bill in Congress, then it must be banned by an executive order from the president.

Here are a few ways that liberalism will destroy America:

1. It will bankrupt America (just look at the “Green New Deal” which will cost over a trillion dollars).

2. It will lead to massive lawlessness (after all, liberalism basically amounts to “just ignore any laws that you don’t agree with”).

3. It will lead to massive health crises (look at California already, with its rats and homelessness; some of the rats have bubonic plague and the bums have e. coli).

4. It will lead to massive social disorder, and from that will spring untold mental-health and social crises.

5. It will lead to massive legal and illegal immigration, with too many immigrants for America’s government agencies, social services and infrastructure to handle.

Have you seen the 1973 movie “Soylent Green”? That’s just what America will be like if liberalism is allowed to continue unchecked. Why would anyone want to allow liberalism to continue, given what awaits our country if it does? Make no mistake: this isn’t just a matter of “differing Left-wing/Right-wing opinions and ideas.” This goes far beyond mere politics.

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    1. J├╝rgen Says:

      I now believe that Marxist liberals should be

      They are just as dangerous for to White nation
      as an Ebola virus.

    2. Chandala Says:

      For the same reasons, Communism should be illegal and banned. And all you have to do to be 1000% certain that Islam should also be illegal and banned is to read the Koran. All these aggressive expansionist globalist ideologies are well on the way to infiltrating, subverting and overthrowing the United States. And we don’t have to imagine the consequences if they are successful. Sixty six million dead Russians and Ukrainians after the Marxists took over. One hundred million dead in the Communist takeover of China. And two hundred and fifty million dead from Islamic expansion and conquest over the last fourteen hundred years.

    3. Adolf Satan Says:

      This is the glorious improvementation. That stale old White 1950s Beaver Cleaver world was a hell on earth. We have to make way for the new man and the glorious people’s collective utopia that our external enemies will tremble in fear of.
      Those who cannot create must destroy…what has worked for almost 250 years.

    4. Joel Says:


    5. Joel Says:

      “And you will return to the party of your people [Republicans], and I will return to the party of my people [the Democrats].”

      -Jew cunt DA to “WASP” Asst DA, in Night Falls on Manhattan, on the Democratic and Republican Parties.