21 August, 2019

Yeah, They’re Our Equals, Riiiggghhht

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Two of the roughly one dozen features needed for a race of people to be considered “civilized” are: the use of the wheel, and a written language (another feature is the use of a calendar) [1]. Whites had a written language at least as early as ancient Greece. (Whites — i.e., the Greek poet Homer — created the first novel). But many Black and Brown people had neither the wheel or a written language as late as 1930. The Apache Indians, even today, have no written language, only a few pictographic symbols developed in 1904, which look like hieroglyphics. My god, that’s ridiculous! What if you want to write a letter to your sister about politics? Is there a hieroglyphic symbol in Apache for “Donald Trump”? Nope. It never occurred to these people to create an actual, written language. Real sophisticated people, they are…


[1] features of a “civilized” culture include: the presence of the wheel, a written language, a calendar, simple arithmetic, money, use of weights for measuring, use of iron ore/metalworking capability, use of simple mechanical devices (e.g., a hinge), permanent settlements, roads and monumental architecture

  • 2 Responses to “Yeah, They’re Our Equals, Riiiggghhht”

    1. Joel Says:

      Black is not the original, but the Muddy.


    2. Adolf Satan Says:

      All of these things were originated and mastered by the dastardly *gasp* Whiteys.
      Let the “elites” hope that the talented tenth can keep the lights and heat/AC running while they escape on the super ocean liner to Patagonia.