30 September, 2019

America: Reconstruction II, in a Sense, is Underway

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Just after the so-called “Civil War” (it was actually the War for Southern Independence, which was fought from 1861-1865), the U.S. government was in shambles. It was broken and was being run by usurpers and retards. This era was known as Reconstruction. It was a 12-year, nightmarish period of government by illegal rule and by riff-raff, rather than by legal legislation. Under Reconstruction, people who had no business serving in the federal government nonetheless became “Senators” and “congressmen”; during that time, there were 21 retarded, illiterate negroes serving in the House of Representatives (indeed, during Reconstruction, the American government was partly led, albeit largely symbolically, by a negro, Joseph Rainey, the first Black presiding officer of the House of Representatives; America also got its first full-term negro Senator during Reconstruction [1][2]; mind you, in that era, negroes were not generally considered to be “equal” to White people). Under Reconstruction, laws that were not legally ratified (e.g., the 14th Amendment) were nonetheless called “fully ratified” and “legal” [3]. The Reconstruction era was “illegitimate and illegal government,” pure and simple (and Reconstruction was often enforced by the federal government via bayonet-point! Does that sound familiar? Right! The exact same thing happened 100 years later in Alabama in opposition to the policies of “racist” White governor George Wallace).

Now, America finds itself under Reconstruction II, in a sense, meaning that the federal government is again broken, and retards and usurpers are again roaming the halls of Congress, trying desperately to remove the legally elected president Donald Trump from office by using any ridiculous and illegal method they can think of, and also, trying to pass various unconstitutional laws whenever they have an opportunity to do so (e.g., “red flag” gun laws).


[1] “The first African Americans to serve in the United States Congress were Republicans elected during the Reconstruction Era.” — Wikipedia

[2] under Reconstruction, the “Radical Republicans” gave almost 4 million freed black slaves the right to vote (so much for Republicans being “conservatives”; they were actually liberals). Why? Good question, since the freed slaves were illiterate and could not even sign their names (but happily, that right-to-vote plan largely failed, since the South rejected the new “equality” of the negroes and passed so-called “Jim Crow” laws, which greatly limited the legal equality of the negroes)

[3] American citizens are still being terrorized by the illegal 14th Amendment, since America’s current civil-rights laws are based on it; this bogus amendment must be overturned

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    1. Sigman Fart Says:

      The ADL was found guilty of spying on 10,000 people across the country https://rense.com/general24/adl.htm

      The question is how they found those 10,000 people were worth spying on in the first place. I think that the majority of jews yes the majority of the jew hive voleenter just to stalk people.

      $90 billion is sent to the ADL each year to “fight Anti semitism.” But I don’t think tthe Jews needs to be paid to do it, they are just that dangerous and sneaky “lickers.” Other traitors on the other may need to get paid to stalk so many people, which would explain where the money goes to.

    2. Sigman Fart Says:

      *other hand.

    3. Angry and Pissed Says:

      Trump is a moron, he thinks that a tariff on french wine, scotch whisky and Italian cheese is going to save America?, the old orange man is a moron, placing tariff on food!! of all things.

      Too bad for the rest of us non-americans who based our systems, money, infraestructure and commerce around america, the most dysfunctional country in the world.