7 September, 2019

Died: Robert Mugabe, Marxist Leader of Zimbabwe (Formerly Rhodesia), 1924-2019

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(Above: Robert “Mudboy” Mugabe: “Would you like a banana? Oh, wait, I forgot. We don’t have bananas anymore. No more fruit. Well, then, how about a piece of moldy bread?” Blacks can only destroy. They can’t build or nurture. Rhodesia/Zimbabwe was the best country in Africa but Mudboy ran it off a cliff. Of course. And the global media said nothing when he did. Of course).

Henry Kissinger, 1976: “Look, Mr. Smith. All of the White countries have to commit racial suicide sooner or later. White countries cannot stand — that’s just not allowed anymore. The international community forbids it. South Africa will soon commit racial suicide as well. So, we might as well just kill Rhodesia and get it over with.”

Ian Smith: “Wait a second. The Jews have their own country. Why can’t Whites have White countries?”

Henry Kissinger: “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Don’t be absurd, Mr. Smith.”

Mudboy came to power with help from the Jewish diplomat Kissinger, who brokered a political suicide deal in which White Rhodesia would dismantle itself and allow Blacks to become part of the formerly-White government within two years after September 1976. Rhodesia/Zimbabwe was quickly destroyed and all of the White countries in the world will suffer the same fate.

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    1. United States of Zimbawe Says:

      Zimbabwe is the utopia model for the Kwanstain. They’ll bring Sobama back after the 2020 election coup or the shemale tranny beard Michael Michelle will run at the last minute.
      You don’t vote your way out of fundamental transformation and it will be every man for himself as it should be.