5 October, 2019

China: It Always Gets a Free Pass from America. Why?

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America, the, uhhhm, uhhhh, anti-communist country, sometimes.

Lemme get this straight: America is the “world’s foremost anti-communist country.” We fought communists in Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Cuba (sort of), and Nicaragua (sort of, under Ronald Reagan). We hate the red scum, right? Right?? We even told Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, and he did (well, sort of)! Yet, the U.S. has been helping communist China become a global powerhouse since at least 1993; you’d think that China was America’s good friend. Gee, what a pal.

America, pull your head out of your ass. Either you oppose communist thuggery, or you don’t. Which is it? China is still a communist country, run by the Chinese communist party. The fact that China allows some state capitalism in order to enrich itself doesn’t change that fact. Why do we play nicey-nice with mass murderers?

The loss of China in 1949 to the communists was catastrophic to the Western world. Blame the idiots who served under crippled commie F. D. Roosevelt, most of them Jews, communists or communist sympathizers: Harry Dexter White, Solomon Adler (both were Jews), Owen Lattimore and Dean Acheson. And another Jew, Philip Jaffe, a communist and the publisher/editor of Amerasia magazine, which was read mostly by government employees, especially at the State Department.

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  • 2 Responses to “China: It Always Gets a Free Pass from America. Why?”

    1. BroncoColorado Says:

      (((America))) hates commies of the more nationalist persuasion but just loves internationalist commies. The Chicoms are currently pretending to be good and faithful followers of internationalism, but as the ‘middle kingdom’ grows in power the mask will be discarded, and the globalists who like to ‘do business’ with commies will find themselves in a difficult position.

    2. Joel Says:

      China will lose it’s Communist ideaology and just go imperialistic and enslave the USSA if something like the North American Union is established and 100 more Mexicans are allowed access here. And Mexicans wait about 40 years from then to totally breed out then kill the White race off here in America.

      The question remains what will happen to the comparible smaller sized population of Black man and woman here in America if/and when this occurs.