31 October, 2019

Florida: America’s Official Religion is “Holocaust Remembrance”; You Dare Not Question Any Part of It or You’ll Lose Your Job

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Most historical events fade as time goes on. Not “The Holocaust” (TM, patent applied for): you hear about it more today than you did 30 years ago. Indeed, “Holocaust remembrance” is an entire industry: movies, TV shows, books, museums, school events. It’s almost as if the Jews don’t want anyone to forget it! But how could we?? (Wonder why the Jews never talk about the much bigger holocaust that they committed — the one in the Soviet Union that Germany was responding to?) [1].



[1] newbies, long before Hitler came to power, Jews (such as Karl Radek, Leon Jogiches and Rosa Luxemburg) led the communist insurgency against Germany circa 1919; Marxist revolutionaries would routinely start street battles in the German cities that would last 3 or 4 days; it was a Jewish movement; you can read about it in this book (see below). But that, of course, wasn’t the half of it: the Soviet holocaust (beginning in 1917; 20 million victims) was carried out by Jews such as Lazar Kaganovich and Genrikh Yagoda; indeed, Jewish revolutionaries, such as Leon Trotsky and Grigory Zinoviev, built the Soviet Union; you can read about the Bolsheviks. Here is “Communism in Germany” by Adolf Ehrt (1933; a .PDF book)

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  7. One Response to “Florida: America’s Official Religion is “Holocaust Remembrance”; You Dare Not Question Any Part of It or You’ll Lose Your Job”

    1. Dino Nazamodeen Says:

      I am always wondering how someone can remember something that he/she never experienced?