23 October, 2019

Video: White People Protecting Themselves in Negro Countries: Good Luck with That

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White sailboaters go into a “personal security store” in South Africa to buy some boat protection, but all they are allowed to buy are CO2 pellet guns and pepper spray. No real guns. Yeah, sure! Those toys will keep the negro criminals away — but only for about 15 seconds because the negroes will have stolen, real guns, as usual, just like in Detroit and Chicago. There’s a big lesson here, newbies. Don’t let your White country turn Black. Ever. (It’s funny: You might think that, in third-world areas of the world such as South Africa [which used to be a White-run country until 1994], gun laws would be more lax, since standards of living in general are lax. But no. It’s just the opposite. In the Brown, crazy, lazy, third world, gun laws are more strict. Under negro rule in South Africa, guns are now more regulated, e.g., the Firearms Control Act of 2000; you now need a license for each gun you own, limit is 4. The kicker: licensing depends on the whims of some negro “government official.” He’ll decide if you need, or can even own, a gun. Be thankful for living in the West, White man, where you can still protect yourself with real guns, most of the time anyway).

[Video; duration is 30 minutes].

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    1. Luke Says:

      I’ve noticed an increase in the number of videos that hit the ‘recommended’ list whenever I surf over to jootube where either white single females or young, twenty-something white male-female couples will have embarked on some kind of exotic sail boat cruise into various tropical areas around the world.

      These videos are sort of like jootube ‘click bait’, because the thumbnail picture will usually show some reasonably hot looking chick in a bikini who’ll have a nice pair of hooters and this tends to grab the attention of most guys who enjoy looking at good looking white females in bikinis. I am definitely included in that group.

      Anyway, whenever I decide to watch one of these videos – I always wonder how it is possible for people who appear to be in their middle to late 20s to be able to financially afford to (a) purchase and own and take on the upkeep responsibilities of these big sail boats, and (b) if these young people have a job, how are they able to talk their employers into giving them these lengthy vacations that would be required to take a sailing trip half way around the world?

      When I was in my 20s, I was not making a ton of money and did not have boat loads of vacation days and on top of working a 40 to 48 hour week, I was taking college classes at night that were related to my career track and my weekends were tied up doing homework assignments and doing laundry and routine maintenance on my vehicle and every other kind of mundane, but necessary chores that are part of life.

      BTW: I have never seen any video of this type – except this one – that warns people about the dangers of encountering pirates, thieves, rapists, and murderers during these fantasy like sailing trips. I’m pretty sure, though, that there have been a lot of cases of single females setting out on trips like these and then being attacked by pirates, probably brutally gang raped and then dumped into the ocean with a concrete cinder block tied to their feet. Sharks and crabs come along, devour the body and the perps move on to look for their next victim.

      Might these videos be part of an agenda to lure naive and clueless young White people into taking these kinds of risks?