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30 November, 2019

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Well, well. It seems that Manchester, England now has a “gay village,” complete with street signs announcing that fun fact for all the children to see. But wait! We normal people are always told that “a person’s sexual preference doesn’t matter, because we’re all people, we’re really all the same under the skin.” Oh, really? […]

29 November, 2019

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Italy currently has a new communist party, founded in June 2016. In fact, Italy has had communists in the parliament for decades (they held a whopping 278 seats in parliament in 1987!), and the new communist party currently holds one seat in a regional council. But apparently, having communists in the government doesn’t worry many […]

28 November, 2019

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(Above: the Jew, Harry Dexter White, a U.S. government official [and secret Soviet agent] who deliberately sunk peace efforts between America and Japan in late 1941) Yes, I agree completely! Young people need to know what happened regarding World War II. So when are they going to be told the truth about WWII? Anytime soon? […]

28 November, 2019

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In 1990, I would have said, “Happy Thanksgiving.” But this is 2019. AOC, Tlaib and other people of questionable ethnicity are in Congress. White people are now evil. Thanksgiving is now merely a celebration of the genocide of a noble, peaceful people. So…Happy Genocide-of-Kind-Gentle-Loveable-Creative-Native-Americans Day! Feeling guilty for making the smelly redskins use toilets? You […]

28 November, 2019

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Leftist #1: “People have a right to live wherever they want to live! On the sidewalk, in a parking lot, even in your garage!” Leftist #2: “Yeah! People can live anywhere they choose. Free, safe housing is a human right! Especially if you’re a person of color! If people want to pollute lakes, streams and […]

27 November, 2019

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How badly do you have to hate White men to go back in time 129 years to revoke medals-of-honor from them? [Article].

27 November, 2019

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Just when you thought that the Jews couldn’t possibly milk The Holocaust (trademark; patent applied for) for any more money, surprise! They’re pulling on the Hollowswindle tit yet again! Three Jews and one gentile (Rubio) introduced this legislation: News quote: “The Holocaust Insurance Accountability Act of 2019 was introduced Friday by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, […]

27 November, 2019

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Leftist #1: “We’re so tolerant!” Leftist #2: “That’s right! We’re not like those violent, right-wing Nazis.” Leftist #3: “Yes! We tolerate everyone, regardless of who they are or what they believe!” False. Most political violence in the world comes from the Left, not from the Right. Why? See “affect intensity.” Liberals and non-Whites are more […]

27 November, 2019

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[…] “Note that it is Trump’s campaign, not the man himself, to which Kirkpatrick directs our attention. In office, Trump has flinched from implementing the policies that seemed implied by his campaign rhetoric. Some of his failures are due to his enemies, but he has only himself to blame for failing to tax remittances and […]

26 November, 2019

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Liberal American #1: “America is a racist country, full of bigoted White people who hate Blacks and immigrants!” Liberal American #2: “Yes! America is just like Nazi Germany! I am ashamed to live here!” Black American: “I feel so oppressed in America that I have to struggle to cash my 5 different federal and state […]