10 December, 2019

Latest Liberal Smear Tactic: Accuse Trump of Using “Russian Talking Points”

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Have you noticed that, since the beginning of the “remove Trump from office” movement, which began in January 2017 (it actually began before that!), the focus of that movement has always been “Russia, Russia, Russia”! “The Russians stole the 2016 election!” the anti-Trumpers yell. “There’s a secret, anti-democracy, Washington/Moscow axis bent on world conquest!” they believe. “Trump’s getting anti-democracy marching orders from Vladimir Putin!” they believe. “Trump conspired with Russia to block weapons transfers to Ukraine!Riiiight. If only! And this latest “talking points” tactic is more proof that the Trump Impeachment Circus is Jewish-led. Because it’s the Jews who are totally, blindly obsessed with Russia, and indeed, the let’s-all-hate-Russia propaganda machine was Jewish-led from the very start in March 2000 when Putin became Russia’s so-called “president/prime minister-for-life” (and Putin may continue to be the leader of Russia for many years to come via using various political strategies, e.g., by switching back and forth from being president to being prime minister, again and again, or by creating brand new titles for himself, e.g., “premiere” or “chancellor”).

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