8 December, 2019

The ABC’s of the Alt-Right: A Guide for Students

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by Thomas Dalton, Ph.D.


“But the militant liberals had one thing in common with the hated neocons: a prominent Jewish presence. Hence anti-Semitism began appearing on the right (mainly concerned about mass non-White immigration and socially conservative) and the left (mainly concerned about the U.S. Jewish community’s support for Israel’s brutal treatment of the Palestinians). Meanwhile, caught in the vice between neoconservatism and radical liberalism, traditional “old” (“paleo”) conservativism struggled for its very existence. The most prominent advocate was probably Pat Buchanan, a former candidate for president who opposed much of the neocon agenda. Buchanan and other paleocons argued for a strong form of nationalism, and generally opposed much of the globalist agenda of the neocons and liberals.”

(I disagree that Buchanan, a Catholic, embraced nationalism, which of course refers to race/ethnicity. Instead, I think the correct term here is “America-first patriotism” or maybe “isolationism”).


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