9 December, 2019

We’re Equal, But We Want Special Rules for Us (or, Having Your Cake and Eating It, Too)

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So, women are “equal to men in every way” but yet, they want the workplace rules to change — to accommodate them — when they arrive at the workplace. And if the rules don’t change, they’ll sue. And if they sue, every male employee has to walk on eggshells from then onward. Is that right? Yes, that’s right. (Did you know that fire departments have lowered their physical standards in order to recruit female firefighters? That may be good for women, but is it good for America? Consider it: if you’re equal, why do you need special rules?).

News quote: “More than two dozen current and former employees of KCBS and KCAL…described a toxic environment where, they said, employees encountered age discrimination, misogyny, and sexual harassment — and retaliation if they complained,” the report stated…Complaints range(d) from age discrimination to inappropriate comments and unwanted touching.”


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