3 January, 2020

America’s Murder of Iranian General Will Make America Less Safe

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Rule #1: Everything America does in the Middle East is about Israel, not about America.

If Israel hates Iran (and it does), then why doesn’t Israel wage war on Iran? Why does America have to do the Jews’ dirty work all the time?

It’s bad enough that America “drew first blood” against Iran by overthrowing the Iranian government in 1953 (which led to the infamous “Iran hostage crisis” in 1979). Now this!

America’s murdering of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani will only make America more hated and therefore it will make America less safe. It was a stupid and reckless move.

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    1. Luke Says:

      After dozens of false flag hoaxes, all of which were planned, financed, and carried out by the MOSSAD or other hired camel jockeys at the behest of the cabal of greasy, treasonous jew testicle licking neocons like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo and which were so far, unsuccessful in suckering the Orange Cuck in the White House into launching a new war against Syria or against Iran – so now, they decide to goad the Orange imbecile into ordering air strikes that allegedly killed this top Iranian military guy.

      You can bet your ass that the MOSSAD knew the guy’s whereabouts and goaded the First Imbecile into ordering this attack in hopes that it would provoke Iran into getting revenge in a tit for tat backlash. The deliberately provoked Iranian response will then be hoisted up and presented as the neocon excuse to goad the Orange Moron into starting a new full scale war on Iran during an election year.

      This will piss off the base of those 63 million mostly white voters who voted for this slimeball in 2016, and serve to depress their turnout in November 2020.